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Top 7 Ways To Increase Traffic Via Content Distribution

Content is the king, distribution becomes the crown prize of the content. Ceasing your content marketing to just publishing a blog is putting your efforts in vain. Instead planning to take a smart route of distributing your content on various platforms can do wonders to your marketing strategy. Enlisted below are the most effective content … Read more

DGM India Heads Towards Digital TV Advertising

Digital Marketing is an ocean itself. Digital Marketing comes equipped with various domains. The key objective of all the domains of digital marketing is basically to promote the brand name, build its preference and help the brand name to increase sales via various digital marketing techniques. Digital advertising is leveraging internet technologies for the promotion of … Read more

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Tools

With digital marketing already replacing the traditional form of marketing techniques at a really-really fast pace, marketers hailing from different walks of life must apprise themselves with the top tools, tips and techniques to attain the best set of results for their campaigns. In the same frame of light, enlisted below is a comprehensive list … Read more

Avoid 7 Mistakes While Homepage Creation

The homepage is the heart of the website. Any blunder in the creation of a homepage can lead to the decrease in the rate of conversion for any organization. The homepage works as a gateway to the other domains of your website, keeping it well-furnished is a necessity. It is important to optimize your homepage … Read more

Webinar Recording Of Building Career In Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing is an ocean itself. Discover the in-depth knowledge about Digital Marketing with Himanshu Arora, Co-founder of Social Panga who hosted a panel discussion on Building Career In Digital Marketing Agencies. Ravi Kumar is the Assistant Vice President at AdLift and Sanjay Singh is a Co-founder at Essence Digital, were the leading speakers who shared their valuable thoughts and … Read more

Yahoo Google reunited? Again?

In the year 2000, Yahoo was one of the Google partners. They became partners to carry both ads and search results. Though, the partnership sustained for many years, then Yahoo in 2004 developed its own in-house search technology and ad serving system. Partnership that is buzzing is between yahoo google. After some time, Yahoo formally … Read more

Top 5 Tips For Effective Web Analytics Strategy

Web Analytics is defined simply as the measure, acquisition, analysis and the reporting of complete Internet data for the objective of understanding and optimizing Web usage. Strategy over tactic is a basic rule that is to be followed for a website’s accurate web analytics. A strategy is a plan of action that is specifically designed to … Read more

Top 7 Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile marketing is simply marketing via mobile phones. Mobile marketing connects the audience quickly, just by sending a text message on their respective phones. If we compare the marketing techniques, email marketing gets an approx open rate of 22% rather mobile marketing acquires 98% of open rate. The major reasons for such huge difference is, … Read more

Top 7 Tips To Leverage MailChimp For Email Campaigns

Email Marketing is broadcasting a commercial message to a group of certain people via emails. Basically, marketing the business using emails is an effective way to promote your firm sales and gain maximum traffic through the same. It is considered to be a more personalized form of marketing, you get to connect with your targeted … Read more

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