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The homepage is the heart of the website. Any blunder in the creation of a homepage can lead to the decrease in the rate of conversion for any organization. The homepage works as a gateway to the other domains of your website, keeping it well-furnished is a necessity. It is important to optimize your homepage and put a barricade on your killing conversion rate. There are few mistakes that are supposed to be avoided while creating a homepage for your website, as it might help you increase your conversion rate:

Do Not Commit These 7 Mistakes While Creating Your Homepage

1. Publicizing Company News

Though, any achievement by the company helps in gaining the trust and attracting customers but flashing it on the homepage doesn’t leave an appealing impression on the visitors. Business news influences the market, but shouldn’t be there on the homepage of your website. Homepage news items kill the conversion rate massively.

The primary purpose of any business organization is to attract customers and gain revenue, not to get their attention in your news. In this situation, a company can follow the concept of flashing their news through Blogging just like Evernote. Following the pattern of publicizing the achievements through blogging, can help the website drive a lot of traffic as well as it will not hamper the conversion rate. The homepage of your website should be professionally organized, and the basic aim of the news is to lead visitors straight into the funnel.

2. Dis-organized Homepage

A homepage that includes a cluttered information containing irrelevant images and texts is the biggest mistake people commit while creating homepages for their organization. A concise web copy of the website will help you optimize your page for better conversions.

Using only relevant images and effective facts, is a perfect way of creating an impressive homepage. Always keep in mind, that most of the important and relevant information is placed above the fold of the website as more than 80% of the visitors spend most of their time on that particular section, this helps in the rise of conversion rates. Advertising on the homepage should be avoided, as that distracts the visitors attention from the niche of your website.

Also, adding a background image to the homepage has shown remarkable results. Web sites containing the images of facial features, characteristics, or the owner of the website are receiving the most positive response than the images without recognizable facial features.

After conducting a series of tests, Highrise discovered that a background image of a customer performed better than a white background and increased conversion rate by 102.5%.

3. Usage of too many Call-To-Actions

CTA of your website is the tipping point between the bounce and conservation rate of the website. CTA plays a vital role in leading he visitor of your website into the funnel or directly off your website.

According to the statistics, out of 200 businesses 70% of them failed to display clear call to actions to their homepages. Out of them, only 47% of the websites displayed a clear call-to-action button, which took all the users 3 seconds or less than that to spot.

Also, the location of the CTA matters the most. For example, right side vs. left side, above the fold vs. below are the options you can test upon.

4. Blog Is Not A Priority

Not considering a blog as a priority is the biggest mistake committed by the digital marketers. If we talk about the stats, 87% of organic search results are via blog posts and 70% of the links users click are through organic results, and not paid. A website that includes blogs is loved more than a website containing static figures.

Blogging works as an indispensable tool for every organization. Blogging helps a company to establish a trustworthy relationship with the potential customers. Blog Posts work the best in homepage creation, as blogs make a website look neat and easily readable. Blogs help a website posts its achievements/news/offers in a more presentable way. Nowadays, blogs are more capable of influencing purchases.

Writing an in-depth article containing the complete knowledge can help search engines discover, index, and rank your content page.

5. Slow Loading Of Homepage

Another major drawback is the slow loading of the homepage of any website. Slow loading might hamper your conversion rate, as the visitor demands the website to open quickly. For instance, According to the statistics by KISSmetrics, “a delay of even a single second in a page’s load time can lead to a 7% reduction in conversions.”

The main point of discussion is to make your homepage load and open rapidly, making sure that the content on the homepage is relevant and interesting for visitors.

Follow the steps below to elevate the speed of your homepage:

1# Visit Pingdom Website Speed Test Tool and plug in the URL of your existing website. Now simply click on the “Test Now” button to get the accurate statistic of your website.

2# Check the load time of your website with the help of this effective tool. This will surely guide you where you need to work o your website to increase the opening speed.

6. Audio/Video Content

Want to increase the conversion rate of your website? Adding video and audio content will surely help you do the same, but the major concern is whether the visitor is interested in watching or listening to it or not. For that, it is necessary for a website to give users the control over the podcast or video they choose to listen to.

For example, “YouTube comes with autoplay feature. On the right side of the page, you can set the Autoplay feature to “off” before you embed the video on your page.”

In this digital era of massive competition, you can definitely beautify your website using various podcasts or videos on your homepage to create and leave a stronger impression on all the visitors on your website.

7. Overlapping Navigation Components

The navigation of your website works as the gateway to all other important pages available on your website. If your navigation does not appeal the user, then there is no point in even availing the most trending navigation menu. At any cost, never fail to optimize the navigation menu of your website correctly as it majorly hampers the conversion rate of the website.

Enlisted above are the 7 major mistakes almost every organization commits while creating their homepage. Did you commit the same mistakes while creating the homepage of your website? How did you rescue? Please share your rescue experiences with everyone by commenting in the below section.

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