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Digital marketing is an ocean itself. Discover the in-depth knowledge about Digital Marketing with Himanshu Arora, Co-founder of Social Panga who hosted a panel discussion on Building Career In Digital Marketing Agencies. Ravi Kumar is the Assistant Vice President at AdLift and Sanjay Singh is a Co-founder at Essence Digital, were the leading speakers who shared their valuable thoughts and learnings with all the participants and attendees. Focusing upon all the major domains of digital marketing, they enlightened upon various skill-sets expected in digital marketing agencies. Sharing their personal experiences, on their journey in the field of digital marketing they made the discussion very engaging and interesting for all the participants.

Also, they listed few certifications, which are relevant and most beneficial in the digital marketing agencies. They gave an overview on the career path and how you can expand your business through Digital Marketing. They gave various takeaways on how one can start-off their journey from a junior level and can pace up achieving best ranks in the industry.

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