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With digital marketing already replacing the traditional form of marketing techniques at a really-really fast pace, marketers hailing from different walks of life must apprise themselves with the top tools, tips and techniques to attain the best set of results for their campaigns. In the same frame of light, enlisted below is a comprehensive list of top 10 best digital marketing tools, leveraging upon which will enable marketers to build a result-oriented digital marketing plan.

Hello Bar


HelloBar enables to show a customizable bar at the top of the pages on your blog/website.


2It is a browser extension for Gmail that shows rich social profiles based on email address.  Also, it allows to take a quick look at people’s conversations on social media and mould your own conversation accordingly.


3A data append service that works based on email-id (US only).

Subscribers Magnet


Subscribers Magnet is a customizable opt-in form for your blog. It can appear in a pop-up, in the sidebar, within the blog itself, in the blog comment, as a header strip and as a floating footer.



The tool FollowerWonk allows search through the bios of Twitter users. Besides LinkedIn, it is an extremely good place to trace new people for your product/service.



What is it? An online tool to build & host landing pages that doesn’t require programming is Unbounce. Moreover, A/B testing is part of the package with this tool.



For users looking for an easy way out to find how your visitors use their website, GhostRec can be leveraged upon. Moreover, if the perspective is lead generation by analysing the behaviour of people coming onto your landing page, then also this digital marketing tool turns out to be of utmost relevance.


This is a simple tool to send segmented, transactional or lifecycle emails.


Based on the activity of your users on your application, you can segment them and send custom messages by leveraging upon this digital marketing tool.



One of the most crucial and reliable digital marketing tool from the lead generation and sales perspective is Mixpanel. Ideally, this tool allows the user to create arbitrary number of funnels that track interactions beyond webpages. For example, you could say, people who visited landing page, then filled up guide download form, then clicked on the email link to guide download.

So, aforesaid was the list of the top 10 best digital marketing tools that every marketer must use. Did you find any of the above-listed tools interesting for your campaign? Do share your views with us in the Comments section below.

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  1. Digital marketing extends beyond Internet Marketing to include channels like SMS and MMS that do not require the use of the internet. Anyone doing business online should seriously consider formulating and implementing a solid plan to tackle several or all of these areas to ensure success. You don’t have to be seeking a monetary profit to employ digital marketing. It’s basically about using various methods to advertise directly to other Internet users and to drive people to a designated area. People and brands who have not caught onto the fact that everything is digital nowadays may have their businesses suffer greatly. I got myself certified in Digital marketing and various other aspects in Sales and Marketing which helped me a lot.


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