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Content is the king, distribution becomes the crown prize of the content. Ceasing your content marketing to just publishing a blog is putting your efforts in vain. Instead planning to take a smart route of distributing your content on various platforms can do wonders to your marketing strategy. Enlisted below are the most effective content distribution ways through which you can distribute your content on various platforms successfully.

1. Embed short videos and infographics

You can beautify your post by adding short videos and infographics to the existing content structure. Usage of both makes a post more appealing to the visitors and guarantees to drive more traffic on the website.

a. Infographics: Adding infographics is becoming a trend in B2B marketing. The usage of infographics in a post has increased up to 11% from the previous year. Last year’s infographic percentage was 51% which has increased to 62% this year, it is a remarkable growth.

There are few simple steps to repurpose your post into an infographic:

Step 1# Write the Key Takeaways from the entire content of the article and then link a drop down tool like an Infogram to it.

Step 2# Make sure that the infographic used is relevant to the style and design of your website.

Step 3# Also you can hire a designer from Dribble. Though it might cost you a bit high, but will show you remarkable results.

Step 4# The last but most important part is distribution. You can submit your infographics to the suitable infographic directories.

b. Videos: According to the statistics, there are currently one hundred million internet users who watch online videos daily. The video revolution that has started is advantageous, you can repurpose your posts into videos. You can give a CTC at the end of videos to drive the traffic back at your website.

2. Viral The Article Through Email

In the current survey, it was stated that “Email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined.” As we all know, email is a personal medium of conveying messages and ignite a personal relationship with the consumer. It is believed that email subscribers are the first ones to start up social media sharing and also to connect with the content.

Email listing will also help you send email newsletters to all your consumers by creating an email list. Email drives a uniform and engaging traffic.

3. Slideshare Benefits 3000+ Page Views

Create best presentations via Slideshare. It is considered to be one of the best underused platforms by the digital marketers. Slideshare tends to achieve 50+ million unique visitors every month. This platform also promotes effective and impressive presentations on their personal social media profiles and homepage.

There are 4 basic steps  to get started with SlideShare. Steps are as follows:

Step 1# Create presentations utilizing key takeaways from the complete content of the blog post. Design it creatively.

Step 2# Apply all the SEO rules religiously. Using keywords in the entire content and targeting lengthy keywords in the slides play a vital role. It is effective according to Google Algorithms.

Step 3# Promotion of these SlideShare presentations on personal social media profiles is very impactful. You can utilize these presentations also by embedding them at the end of your blog post.

Step 4# It is not a mandatory step like all others mentioned above. You can add the presentation to your Linkedin profile. You can display your work experience on LinkedIN in a neat and presentable way.

4. Buzzfeed’s First Page Relevance

Monthly page view of Buzzfeed is 170 million, which is astonishingly remarkable. According to the current stats, it drives 50% os its traffic from the age group of 18-34. Buzzfeed is one of the biggest platforms that can help you gain tremendous exposure. It also helps in improving your search ranking.

Buzzfeed has a community section, where all the crowdsourced stories are published. Buzzfeed pushes the selective stories by promoting them via social media profiles or putting them up on the homepage of Buzzfeed.

One thing you need to keep in mind is ticking the  “Suggest For Community Feature” before publishing your post on the Buzzfeed. Only one post a day is permitted with the request of getting it featured.

For example, Matthew Barby generated 1000 views and some subscriptions as well on his blog after getting his story published on the front page of Buzzfeed. From community front page to category front page his story finally landed up on the homepage of Buzzfeed and also received extra promotions.

5. Increase Page Views Using Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest online forums that boast a remarkable Alexa rank – 30. Reddit works as a gold mine that helps to drive most of the traffic to your website. If at all you are using Reddit for the first time, you should definitely go through the Reddit Marketing Guide to attain best results.

Before publishing your post on Reddit, you need to make sure that the content used has performed really well in the target sub-reddits. Also, the title for a Reddit post demands to be informative and lengthy. The title should contain maximum 300 character limit, which might also include numbers in the title.

It is useless to post on the peak hours as the older submissions might occupy the top-most places on the forum. You can also utilize subreddit traffic analysis tool to make sure that your posting time is accurate or not. Posting time also plays a vital role in gaining most of the traffic.

If your post on Reddit receives upvotes up to 10 or more, then the links automatically convert into do-follow. Also, it helps you control the anchor text of the provided link.

6. Build You Audience Using Quora

Quora plays a vital role in the success of many articles. For example, Life Is A Game by Olive Emberton claim to fame with his answer on Quora. His answer on Quora got 15.3k upvotes and helped him gain a superb book deal.

7. LinkedIn Link Ups

Talking about the stats, 94% of the B2B marketers distribute their content on LinkedIn. Leverage upon LinkedIn platform is another powerful way of enhancing the traffic on your website. If you plan to invest more time on LinkedIn, then you should definitely start up with your LinkedIn group by utilizing various content marketing tips.

Above are the 7 most beneficial ways through which you can distribute your content and attain best results out of it. If you are have also struggled with this major content marketing issue? Then you ca share your experience and rescue tips in the comment section below.

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