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Mobile marketing is simply marketing via mobile phones. Mobile marketing connects the audience quickly, just by sending a text message on their respective phones. If we compare the marketing techniques, email marketing gets an approx open rate of 22% rather mobile marketing acquires 98% of open rate. The major reasons for such huge difference is, mobile phones are handy and everyone walks around carrying them either in their pockets or hands. Also, it gives a personalized touch as you can connect with the customers anytime and anywhere conveniently by contacting them through their personal numbers.

Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies

There are various mobile marketing strategies that can be used by marketers these days. Mobile marketing elevates the growth of your business with closer consumer engagement, which is not possible in other techniques of marketing. Following are the effective mobile marketing strategies:

1. Marketing through SMS chainsIzigg-Short-Code_1

SMS is one of the most easy and effective ways for reaching out to the customers. SMS messages are recommended as they are more likely  to be open in minutes of being received by the lead. As, SMS strategy works rapidly, it is an apt select for promotion of coupons, time-limited contests and reminder for appointments.

You can create personalized text messages and connect to your leads on a personal level. You can attract your customers by merging featured images in the body of the context. Also, you can embed short code keywords in your message. This allows people to take action with just few keystrokes. Short codes are highly beneficial for contests, promotions, charity events and much more.

There is one more feature called automated responses, which enables you to follow up your leads using marketing automation. This advanced feature helps you to revert your customers immediately  even when all of your representatives are not available or busy.

2. Push NotificationsApns_Logo

Introduced firstly by Apple in 2007, push notification technique was later popularized with android system. This technique  helps the owners of the application to communicate directly with their leads and customers in the most simplest and effective way.


3. App-based MarketingApps-Store

With increase in the number of smartphone users, the mobile marketers are taking the advantage of mobile apps as an effective marketing resource. It becomes easy for marketers to increase the visibility of their app in store, which automatically increases the number of downloads.

4. In-game Mobile MarketingIn-Game-Mobile-Ads

In-game marketing is trending these days. Famous brands are delivering promotional messages on mobile gaming platform or by sponsoring the entire games, which is broadly helping the marketers to drive more consumers or leads ever day to their website. In-game mobile marketing is also known as Ad-funded mobile game. Leonbets is one of the most popular Sportsbook and Casino sites in the online gambling industry. Leonbets offers a wide selection of betting markets, attractive promotions and multiple payment options to suit both casual and avid players.

5. QR Codes

Scanning Qr Code With Mobile Phone

QR Codes is a barcode, which is machine-readable optical label that contains all the information about the product or services that are provided by a company.  It is another effective way of mobile marketing. It allows a customer to visit a web page address directly, by just scanning the 2D image with the camera of their phone. It saves the time of the customer or lead to manually enter a URL to get the access for any website they are willing to access.

6. Mobile Web MarketingMobile-Website-Comparison

The Mobile Marketing Association facilitates the user with a set of guidelines and standards that contains a specifically recommended format of ads, presentation, and metrics that are essential to be used in mobile marketing. It becomes ore beneficial for a brand to create a specific mobile website rather than the standard one. For example; Dominos has created its mobile website, which has increased its business as compared to the other brands that are still dependent on their standard website for sales.

7. MMSMms

MMS mobile marketing contains a timed slideshow that comprises of a well-designed collaboration of relevant images, text, audio and video. This kind of content is delivered via Multimedia Message Service to all the leads and customers. In today’s era, almost all the cellphones are capable of sending as well as receiving a Multimedia Message Service message.

For example; Motorola’s campaign that held at House of Blues, where Motorola allowed all its consumers to send their mobile images to the LED board and also let them blog their images online.


Enlisted above are the Top 7 Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies, that are beneficial from mobile marketing perspective. Taking over desktop with its massive success, mobile marketing is one of the major reasons for the success of many renowned brands. It is mandatory to be well-versed with all Mobile Marketing Strategies to gain more traffic and leads for your website. If you wish to learn more then opt in for a Mobile Marketing Course.

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