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World’s one of its kind of service provider- came into existence 3 years ago. It offers meals to as many as 25 million people who commute everyday in Indian trains. Not only this, Travelkhana is acquainted with providing its services on buses, flights as well as highways. The webinar led by CEO & Co-founder of, Pushpinder Singh substantiated how over the time Travelkhana has perfected the art of building highly focused marketing campaign that can not only scale but also be cost effective as well.

Pushpinder founded which is the world’s first on-demand marketplace for travelers on the move. In its first avatar 10 million passengers who travel everyday in Long distance Indian trains can order the food of their choice from over 150 stations across the country in more than 5000 trains. Having served to more than a million travelers in Indian Railway system, Travelkhana is readying itself to go beyond food to bring many more on demand services for travelers of various kind.



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