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A couple of months or so since apple launched its flagship, or should we say flagships, with the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus. It seems that apple knocked one out the park yet again. With the iPhone 6 outselling it bigger cousin, the 6 plus.
If that didn’t capture the immensity of its success, Here’s what cnet had to report: –

“In an investors report scooped up by AppleInsider, KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said he predicts that Apple will sell 71.5 million iPhones during the current quarter. If true, that number would be about a 40 percent jump over the 51 million iPhones sold during the final quarter of 2013 and an 82 percent leap over the 39.3 million sold last quarter”

The new iPhone 6, Apple certainly came out swinging yet again with this gargantuan release.
Not renowned for the “biggest-engine-under-the-hood” in terms of specs, Apple certainly delivers the best and the most meticulously conceived and constructed device. Even with 1GB of ram with a Dual core CPU the iPhone 5s provided a snappy, lag free run time which was better than most Quad core and Octa core processors out there. So when it comes to Apple, don’t fall for the specs. There’s more that meets the eye; Way more.
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That being sad, let’s cut to the chase

Under the hood
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If the claims are to be believed then the new A8 chip is twice as fast as the A7 chip in the 5s (and the 5s was mighty fast!). So we can’t imagine what kind of a difference we will see. But the A8 chip integrates itself seamlessly with the 64 bit architecture. A few seconds with the phone will reaffirm that. 

As seen before the M8 co-processor works in tandem with the A8 chip; the M8 co-processor takes up belligerent duties by relentlessly measuring data to offload work from the A8 chip for improved power and efficiency. Not much can be said about the RAM as apple likes to keep things under wraps, but speculations say that the iPhone 6 could possibly have a 2GB RAM.


The iPhone 6 is magnificent to behold, Apple has shown that design is of paramount importance when it comes to their iPhone and just like its predecessor the iPhone 6 is a sublime specimen to hold in the hands. It is slimmer and impossibly sleeker than its predecessor, feeling light and sturdy and simply irresistible. Gone are the chamfered edges you saw on the 5s (which weren’t half bad) and they now give way to a smooth textured metallic case which envelopes the device giving it a slim and sturdy feel simultaneously. In terms of build quality and design, apple stands unparalleled.

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The previous 4 inch screen on the 5s has been bumped up a bunk to 4.7 inches, which feels like the right size in your hands. Those will larger hands found the 4 inch space “restricting” to work with but the 4.7 inch screen should now adequately cater to universal needs, irrespective of hand size. The screen still has the same ppi(326) as the 5s, not much of an improvement there. The resolution being 1334 X 750 which in layman terms is 720p at best. Yes, you could’ve wished for an immense upgrade in this area with Samsung taking the cake when it comes to screen resolution, with Quad HD’s and the works. But all is not lost. Apple’s retina display comes as a much needed added bonus adding life to your screen. But nevertheless, if you compare screens with a Samsung Galaxy s5, there will be a glaring contrast. Then again, the iPhone has never been the most powerful handset in the world. But what it does guarantee is perfection in everything it does, so there is no “superfluous technology”. With that being mentioned, screen resolution is undoubtedly one area which Apple can improve upon but in no way it the screen lacking.

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this has been the main point of contention in the 5s which was equipped with a 1560mAh battery. There is an upgrade in terms of battery in the iPhone 6, with it being fitted with an 1810mAh battery (I know, could’ve lived with the phone being a little thicker for 2100mAh or so). The iPhone 6 is near perfection and battery life may be the only chink in its armor, the upgrade doesn’t feel like much with a bigger screen to be powered but the A8 and M8 work in tandem to reduce the load. However tests report that it will last out a 5s by 2 hours, but that is completely subjective, depends upon individual use. With moderate to semi-heavy use, it should last you a day otherwise you may need to plug it in once more during the day.

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The first thing you’ll notice is perhaps the protruding camera. With an 8 megapixel rear camera which has been reinvigorated with f/2.2 aperture, letting in more light for those low light shots, along with digital optical image stabilization, the camera on the iPhone 6 is not to be sneered at;  it stands testament to the fact that cramming megapixels don’t matter. The camera is snappy fast with blazing fast autofocus and shutter speed, this is mainly due to Focus Pixels which is a nifty addition. The image quality of this 8 megapixel camera gives 13 megapixel cams a run for its money.
All in all, the iPhone 6 is a worthy upgrade if you were looking for one. It may lack in a few areas (which phone doesn’t) in terms of screen and battery, but it assures seamless integration of all the aspects gone into making this device. Android fans looking to come to the other side; don’t wait. As for Apple fans, do you really need to be convinced? 

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