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Digital Marketing Jobs For Freshers

The digital revolution which was driven by the rollout of 4G, reducing data costs, increasing smartphone penetration and increasing time spent on mobile phones, has ensured that the scope of digital marketing jobs for freshers will also grow at a faster over the next three years.

According to a report on digital advertising by Dentsu Aegis Network, the Indian digital advertising industry, currently pegged at around Rs 8,202 crore, is slated to see a growth at 32% CAGR to reach Rs 18,986 crore by 2020. With this rate of increase digital marketing has become the new arena for digital marketing jobs for freshers to grow and explore all the exciting digital marketing career opportunities presented to them.

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Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not very different from traditional marketing: you’ve got a product that you need to sell, and look for ways to engage with customers to build brand awareness and eventually ‘close’ a sale. It is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies mainly on the internet which attention paid to mobile phones, display advertising and any other important medium.

The increasing penetration of digital media among the Indian audience is helping create huge opportunities for marketers to reach out to untapped audiences in new and innovative ways. The Digital advertising growth that has been witnessed in the past 2 years is

* 2017: Rs 8,202 crore

* 2018F: Rs 10,851 crore

* 2019F: Rs 14,354 crore

* 2020F: Rs 18,986 crore

With this data, we can be sure that digital marketing job opportunities have tremendously improved and increased the scope of digital marketing jobs for freshers.

Digital Marketing Job Opportunities

There are various opportunities for digital marketing fresher jobs in the market. Depending on your preference one can opt for full time or – digital marketing freelance jobs for freshers are also available. We shall be discussing both here.

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Types of Digital Marketing Fresher Jobs: Full time

1. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager is one of the most popular digital marketing jobs for freshers. A Social Media Manager is responsible for managing all the social media platforms of any agency. Thus a sound and deep knowledge of the working of each social media platform is necessary. It can be a dream job for freshers who live and die over social media apps or technology.

The social media manager job aims for one to manage the content being posted, the time it is being posted and spreading the content through social media channels and run ads and campaigns to promote the same. While posting on social media platforms can be easily done running the paid ad campaigns requires your analytical skills and expertise as you have to make sure that you are targeting the correct audience and your content is catchy enough for one to click on your ads. This expertise and knowledge are only developed through experience and work.

The Job Responsibilities of a social media manager are:

  • Building and executing social media strategies through competitive and audience research that builds meaningful connections and encourages community members to take action
  • Setting up and optimizing the company pages on each social media platform
  • Set up and optimize company pages by capturing and analyzing the appropriate social data/metrics, insights and best practices, and then promoting the company page.
  • within each platform to increase the visibility of company’s social content
  • Collaborate with other departments (customer relations, sales etc) to manage reputation, identify key players and coordinate actions

Skill set required:

  •         Marketing Basics
  •         In-Depth Understanding of Social Networks
  •         Copywriting Skills
  •         Basic Graphic Design Skills
  •         Analytics Skills

2. Search Engine Specialist

In the digital marketing freshers, job Search engine marketing is one of the most important aspects. . Search engine marketing is a broad term which defines marketing via the search engines. As Google is the biggest search engine, therefore, the search engine marketing almost always only refers to marketing via Google AdWords. The target of a search engine marketer is to bring a number of leads and clicks based on the target by the given marketing budget. The work is mainly concentrated on analysis, bid management, keyword research, ad copywriting and split testing the ad campaigns.

Depending on your qualification and the courses you have opted for various job opportunities for freshers are available like  SEO Trainee, SEO Analyst, SEO Strategist, SEO Trainer, SEO Consultant Etc. This is one of the highly paid digital marketing jobs for freshers.

Job Responsibilities of Search Engine Specialist:

  • Optimizing the copy and landing pages of the websites for search engine optimization
  • Performing ongoing keyword research along with the expansion of the keyword opportunities in order to make the post more visible.
  • For organic SEO success Research and implement the  content by analyzing competitor advertising links
  • In order to achieve maximum ROI in paid search campaigns, the SE expert executes tests, collects and analyzes data and results. Track, report, and analyze website analytics and PPC initiatives and campaigns
  • Manage campaign expenses, staying on budget, estimating monthly costs and reconciling discrepancies.
  • Link builds a strategy to be incorporated in order to ensure the best SEO practices are being used.
  • SEO content formation by working with editorial and marketing teams
  • TO improve the SEO position of the target keywords recommend any necessary changes to website architecture, content, linking.

Job Skills:

  •         Understanding of Search Engine Optimization
  •         Searching for a relevant keyword
  •         Good analytical skills

3. Content Specialist

Content marketing [art of digital marketing is looked after by the content strategist. This will include managing blogs, copywriting, writing captions, ebook publication, guest blogging and many more. This can be one of the best digital marketing jobs for freshers who have a flair in writing.

Job responsibilities of a content specialist are:

  • Writing content on the web for blogs, articles, advertising, brochures etc.
  • Creating social media content with the help of the graphics team.
  • Writing blogs based on research on 3rd party sites
  • Report on institutional events and stories, for use website and other media.
  • Update the information on the website related to programs, events, prospective audience.
  • Identify, develop and manage creative content.

Skills required:

  •         Good writing and communication skills
  •         Understanding of the industry
  •         Incorporating keywords in the article
  •         Write good catchy lines for ads

4. Digital Marketing Manager

For the digital marketing jobs for freshers in various agencies, the digital marketing manager is the heart of the industry that is responsible for managing everything related to digital marketing like content, SEO, ads, campaigns etc. All the other manager report to the digital marketing manager. Thus this digital marketing job opportunity is very helpful to the freshers.

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Job Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Manager are:

  • Planning the work of the agency including Web, SEO/SEM, email, social media and display advertising campaigns against the target set.
  • Maintain and analyze the social media presence and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Design, maintain and strategies social media presence
  • Design, build and maintain our social media presence keeping in mind the latest trends of the market.
  • Analyze and evaluate the emerging technologies and provide a plan of action for their implementation.

Skills required:

  •         Good managerial skills
  •         Team Player and team Leader
  •         Sound knowledge of the industry
  •         Fast learning instincts
  •         Good implementation techniques.

5. Inbound Marketing Executive

This job calls for the role of a magnet. The Inbound Marketing Executive ensures in drawing the relevant audience to the content or website through the help of SEO experts, Graphic designers and email marketer. It calls for strategizing the ad campaigns and analyzing the results for future improvement and optimizing advertisement optimization.

An Inbound marketer is supposed to create a strategy for attracting customers. The inbound manager makes a plan of action which has to be put into life by the content manager and graphic designer.

Job Responsibilities of inbound marketer are:

  • Work as a team to develop strategies through  Search campaign generation/implementation
  • Content strategy and execution through Keyword research, development & analysis
  • Is the  trusted marketing advisor to each of your customers
  • to increase ROI and drive incremental volume Actively test and analyze data, content and landing pages
  • Maintain a revenue base by managing account retention and renewal

6. Email Marketing Executive

In this digital age email is the best way of engaging with your audience and promote your brand or service with maximum visibility. Emails play a big role in describing and building a business brand identity. It is one of the best digital marketing jobs for freshers.

Job responsibilities of an email marketing executive are:

  • Promoted products and services through  email marketing campaigns
  • Ensure that the emails are sent in proper template and in a  way that is conveyed clearly and easily by Proofreading emails for clarity, grammar, and spelling.
  • Develop a personalization strategy.
  • To make the messages more engaging include specific graphics, incentives, and detailed descriptions.
  • Ensuring and sending mobile-friendly messages.
  • Ensure messages are mobile-friendly and strategies creation of a database of the interest and customers

Skills required:

  •         Data Administration and Analytics
  •         Copywriting skills
  •         Marketing skills
  •         Research skills
  •         Technical Skills (HTML, CSS)
  •         Quality Management
  •         Project Management
  •         Problem-solving skills

  7. Campaign Executive/Specialist

One of the most important digital marketing jobs for freshers. As the name suggests this position is to the manager and ensure delivery of campaigns in order to engage the customers to shop the product.

Job responsibilities of a campaign Executive are:

  • Maintain a cordial relationship with the customers and provide them with the optimal services.
  • Design and manager campaigns keeping in mind the need of the client and the psyche of the customers.
  • Supervise and ensure the effective implementation of marketing campaigns and make any changes or modifications in the campaign as and when required.
  • Analyze the running campaigns and ensure the objectives are achieved.
  • Maintain all data and update management systems about the various campaigns.
  • Assist campaign manager to deliver marketing data and provide support to all campaign planning and marketing campaigns.
  • Monitor inventory for all campaigns on an everyday basis and ensure client satisfaction in all activities.

Skills required:

  •         Project management
  •         Good understanding of the ads and campaigns
  •         Good understanding of the social media platforms to design the campaigns
  •         Research skills
  •         Management skills
  • Decision-making ability

8. Web Analyst Expert

In a digital marketing agency, various data is collected from the clients, ad campaigns, social media and other sources. Analyzing this data to strategize a good plan for the future of the agency is the digital marketing job opportunity that is available for a web analyst. Different analyst jobs available are Google Analytics Manager, Google Analytics Implementer, Google Analytics Reporter, Google Analytics Analyst, Data Analyst, Business Analytic and Predictive Analytics. One of the highest in demand digital marketing jobs for freshers.

Job Responsibilities of a web analyst are:

  • Plan, develop and manage web and mobile campaign and channel their tracking.
  • Communicate with the marketing department about the analysis from campaigns. And form a report of the same.
  • Monitor performance trends with channel managers.
  • Enlist the  most important KPIs to track
  • Plan KPIs based on the customer experience
  • Collaborate with sales and marketing teams
  • Work with the technical team to establish best practices for testing software.

Skills required:

  • Research and knowledge of web analytics
  • Strong quantitative analytical skills
  • Management skills
  • Good understanding of the Google analytics
  • critical thinker and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to collaborate with both technical and non-technical teams

Digital Marketing Freelance Jobs for Freshers

The Digital Marketing jobs for freshers has also developed the culture of freelance on a massive level. A freelancer is a person who is the self-employed person who offers services to multiple businesses. The type of work freelancers varies from person to person specialization such as social media marketing, content writer, copywriter, graphic designer and more.

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Types of digital marketing freelance jobs for freshers

1. Blogger

An online writer who can maintain an online journal called blog is known as bloggers. These blogs can be shared among people who post their entries about various topics. Some blogs are written only with the passion for writing whereas some are written for earning money.

Job Responsibilities of a blogger:

  • Writing fiction or nonfiction articles or blogs.
  • Conducting research about the topic to be written in order to obtain factual information and authentic detail
  • Choose a subject matter that is in trend and also is of interest to the readers.
  • Work with various editors and clients to get the blog published.
  • Managing your blog by taking care of your customers through managing the blogging community and answering to the comments.
  • SEO implementation for both the blogs being posted and the website.
  • Handle all the social media activities as it can bring a lot of traffic.
  • Maintain the blog design and structure by the use of various plugins.
  • To understand how the blog is doing by the use of analytical tools.
  • Manage all the guest posting requests on own blog or someone else’s blog.

Skills required:

  •         Passion for writing
  •         Good analytical tools
  •         Updated of the latest trend
  •         Understanding of the blog and plugins

2. Copywriter

For any agency, all the content written on their emails, ads, brochures, the catalogue is the work of a copywriter. It is a good job that can be done on a freelance basis.

Job Responsibilities of a copywriter:

  •         Writing clear, concise and grammatically correct copy
  •         Driving the creation of original concepts that result in effective and compelling communication
  •         Understanding different language styles that appeal to various target markets
  •         Developing and maintaining a clear and consistent brand voice
  •         Experience with web markup language and search engine optimization
  •         Familiarity with commonly used style guides
  •         Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  •         Self-motivated and organized

3. Graphics Designer

A graphic designer is responsible for developing concepts, graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, and websites.

Job responsibilities of a Graphics Designer:

  • Understanding the with clients requirements and budget
  • Managing the client proposals from typesetting through to design, print and production
  • Briefing the clients about the design style, format, print production and timescales
  • Determining all the requirements for the designing including size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy, and font style and size
  • Preparing rough drafts of the graphic agreed upon and getting confirmation on the same.
  • Reviewing and suggest any improvements in the final layouts if required.

Skills required:

  • Creative skills
  • Designing
  • Use of various tools like Photoshop and Canva
  • Good managerial skills
  • Team Player

With digital marketing job opportunities for freshers increasing at such a  rate it is the new trendsetter and will see a huge hike in its development in the coming times. As digitization is continuing at such a rapid pace, employers on a global scale are on the lookout for skilled employees who can fill the skills gaps in their organizations and drive their business objectives such as leads, revenue, and brand awareness.

With knowledge of digital marketing fresher jobs, one can actually future proof their career and enjoy a great career with a competitive salary.

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