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10 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi with Placements in 2023

Are you looking for digital marketing courses in Delhi?

If you are a beginner and have little or no knowledge about advertising and promotion techniques, you surely need to understand all these.

With the increasing popularity of search engine optimization, the internet marketing industry is growing like never before. Therefore, those looking for advanced digital marketing courses in Delhi must take proper steps to get themselves trained.

The rapid development in online marketing has increased the number of jobs available within the industry. In recognition of the massive opportunity for career advancement in this area, many professionals, business owners and students are contemplating an occupation in Digital Marketing. This has led to the demand for Digital Marketing courses in Delhi.

Due to the growing demand to hire Digital Marketing specialists, now is the best time to understand the digital marketing field better and learn how to use its advantages to build your career.

Before we dive into the best Digital Marketing courses in Delhi, Let’s first take some thoughts on the significance of understanding Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing courses in Delhi cover all the essential components of the procedure. From the explanation of how SEO and SEM customers sales funnels work to advanced HTML and WordPress, content marketing strategies, social media optimization, content writing, graphic designing, influencer marketing, video optimization and video marketing Digital marketing courses in Delhi could aid you in gaining complete knowledge of all options.

The job of digital marketers isn’t just exciting but also very lucrative.

Below you can see the number of Digital Marketing jobs in Delhi, they are over 41,000.

Digital Marketing Jobs in Delhi

The rapid growth online has led to hiring skilled and knowledgeable people to help with the digital marketing process. There is a need for professionals with experience in various online marketing aspects that exceed the available talent. Therefore, experienced professionals in this field can be expecting a lucrative career path soon.

Digital marketing is an exciting and dynamic field that offers many possibilities for professionals rather than limiting them to a specific job sector for many years.

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi

After taking a course at a reputable institution, the digital marketer will comprehend the numerous elements of marketing digitally. This is just one of the many benefits of an online marketing course. It can be an excellent idea to gain confidence when applying for jobs across various profiles and categories.

The knowledge you’ve acquired through the training will help you get the extra points you need on your resume.

There is no need to wait around for potential job opportunities and employers to get your start in the field of digital marketing if you’ve earned a master’s level in the field from a recognized institution. You can create your online presence or perhaps even start a company in digital marketing after you have a solid foundation in the skills that require the expertise of a digital marketer.

Choosing a suitable course type could be daunting for starters. There are so many options to choose from, and the best way to get started would be to determine your goals first.

What are you looking out for? For instance, if you are on a full-time basis, probably the best course type would be a course on advertising and promotion.

On the other hand, if you are self-employed, you will have no time to go and learn digital marketing from an offline training institute. So, in that case, I would suggest you enroll in some online training courses offered by some reputed institutes in Delhi.

In the case of Delhi, many institutes are offering digital marketing courses in Delhi. Therefore, choosing the right marketing institute could be a challenging task.

There are some essential factors to consider in this regard. For instance, do you prefer an institute that offers bachelor’s degree programs, master’s or doctorate programs, or do you prefer short duration, monthly or weekly classes? Answer these questions and get yourself enrolled in suitable digital marketing courses in Delhi.

After doing so, find out the course name and syllabus. In addition, find out if the institute follows the latest industry-related research and updates. What are the teaching specifications? Answer these questions to ascertain the credibility of the institute.

Many institutes in Delhi offer cheap courses. You can find affordable rates for your desired Digital Marketing courses in Delhi, whether marketing, finance, or web analytics. Moreover, these institutes also have a website that provides detailed information regarding the course curriculum, faculty, reputation management support, and admission procedures.

If you are looking for a good course curriculum in Delhi, contact an appropriate institute for information.

Digital marketing courses in Delhi can help you identify your strengths and provide you with confidence in your ability to become self-sufficient. When you begin to gain experience in a particular subject, it’s essential to develop a positive attitude. In the beginning, taking a digital marketing course could be completed entirely online. The second option is to enroll in a course in digital marketing in your other job, at your speed.

When you’ve completed your certification training in the field of digital marketing, expect to be soon bombarded with offers to freelance. There are many digital marketing jobs to be found online. It is possible to find employment that matches your professional profile, whether it’s writing copy, designing websites, or content development. Because these digital marketing courses in Delhi equip customers with an understanding of the many marketing elements through digital, the advertised jobs will immediately match your skills.

Parameters for Choosing Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi :

  1. The credibility of the Institute
  2. Updated Course Curriculum
  3. Expert Faculty
  4. Industry-Relevant Certifications
  5. Student Testimonials
  6. Flexible Batches
  7. Live Project Experience
  8. Placement Assistance & Internship

10 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi

Below mentioned are some of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi by reputed institutions.

Without further due, let’s dive into them.

1. DigitalVidya

Digital Vidya Logo

DigitalVidya is at the top of our list of Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi. DigitalVidya was the first institute in India to officially start Social Media training workshops in 2009.

They officially introduced the flagship certified Advanced Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi. The course has been the factor in the success of over 95,000+ professionals across 55 countries in 2009.

Their rich history makes them the leader in their field and they are one of the strongest digital marketing training firms in Delhi.

DigitalVidya is a reputable team of over 70 trainers, with the majority of them possessing a rich experience that spans more than ten years. One of the most significant aspects of their trainers is they are specialists in a specific area of expertise.

Therefore, they are specialists in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, ECommerce Marketing, etc.

In all honesty, you won’t find the best instructors to guide you. In addition, the ability of trainers in creating an educational program in collaboration is simply unmatched.

That’s the kind of thing that Digital Vidya has done. They have collaborated with the best minds in the business to design their curriculum for courses and this makes them stand at the top of other Digital Marketing courses in Delhi.

If you are interested in digital marketing then you should surely join their free demo class to experience live lectures.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM/Google AdWords)
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Inbound Marketing
  6. Web Analytics
  7. Facebook Marketing
  8. Other Digital Marketing Topics

Course Duration :

4-7 Months

Course Highlights :

  1. 44 Modules
  2. 2 Internships
  3. 15 Certifications
  4. 100 Classes Hrs
  5. 250+Placement Partners
  6. ₹ 72K Worth of digital marketing tools for free
  7. 140 Assignments Hrs
  8. 10+ Trainers/Batch
  9. 95%Succeeded
  10. 100% job placement
  11. 6 case studies
  12. Weekday batches along with the option of Saturday- Sunday batches

Contact Information :


Phone: +91-80100-33033

2. Digital Academy India

Digital Academy India

The most reputable institution for digital marketing located in Delhi is Digital Academy India. This program teaches students and professionals about digital marketing, which is the currently popular course.

The program to be certified in digital marketing is divided into various modules, most of which contain case studies or exercises to help students.

They have educated over 5000 people in 150+ training since 2012. Digital marketing is dominating the present-day world.

Small or large, every company needs digital marketing since it can reach massive audiences quickly. It’s cost-efficient and efficient, and in the modern, digitally changing environment, it’s far more effective than traditional marketing methods.

Digital Academy’s Certified Digital Marketing Course, you can become a digital market professional with more than 15 best trainers.

Course Curriculum :

They have 13 modules, which comprise :

  1. Introduction to digital marketing
  2. Optimization of websites and usability
  3. Search Engine Marketing -SEM
  4. Digital Display Advertising
  5. YouTube Advertising
  6. Social Media Marketing – SMM
  7. Search Engine Optimization- SEO
  8. Mobile Marketing
  9. Affiliate Marketing
  10. Email Marketing
  11. Lead Generation for Business
  12. Web Analytics
  13. Integrated Digital Marketing Communications

Course Duration :

They teach online classes. Online instructor, 4-7 months of online live courses (weekday and weekend batch).

Course Highlights :

  1. The Course Curriculum was designed by Digital Marketing Experts
  2. Lifetime Membership for access to Content
  3. Chance to participate in Live Projects
  4. Learn through doing: The opportunity to participate in a Live Project of your choice
  5. Exclusive Internship Opportunities
  6. 24*7 Support Offered

Contact Information :

Tel: +91-80100-33033


3. Delhi School Of Internet Marketing

Delhi School of Internet Marketing

DSIM is among India’s fastest-growing Digital Marketing Institutes. It is a renowned institution that is open to instructors, students, and entrepreneurs and has a world-class faculty that teaches a variety of classes.

DSIM is well-known for its interdisciplinary framework that includes classroom as well as online instruction. It started with just one location and has since expanded to 15 centers all over India. Since its beginning in the year 2011, DSIM has successfully qualified more than 3028 students.

DSIM has trained 59000+ professionals, effectively put 4912 students in the right place, helped shape the careers of 10281+ people, and helped boost businesses’ earnings with 5826+ employees through their exceptional education.

In addition, it has brought all of its classes online in the past two years and has experienced substantial growth because of its highly qualified trainers. The certified DSIM students have earned the highest salaries within their respective fields.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Effective Email Marketing
  2. Email Automation
  3. Consumer Acquisition Strategy
  4. Facebook Marketing
  5. Facebook Advertising
  6. LinkedIn Marketing
  7. Twitter Marketing
  8. Instagram Marketing
  9. Pinterest Marketing
  10. Snapchat Marketing
  11. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  12. Social Media for SEO
  13. Mobile Optimization
  14. Competitors’ Analysis on Google
  15. Google Adsense
  16. Display Advertising
  17. Mobile Advertising
  18. Video Advertising
  19. Advanced Campaign Optimisation

Course Duration :

3-6 Months

Course Highlights :

  1. Premium Quality Training
  2. First & the Oldest Institute
  3. No Trainers – Only Internet Millionaires & CEOs
  4. Advanced Techniques & Strategies
  5. Live Online Batches
  6. Real Affiliate Earning
  7. Most Powerful Digital Marketing Course
  8. Only Premier Google Partner
  9. 25,680, Ex-trainees with Proof.
  10. Real Batch Image
  11. FREE Tools
  12. Industry Recognized Certifications

Contact Information :

Address: B-26, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, Nr Malviya Nagar metro station, New Delhi, Delhi 110017

Helpline: 8800290309

4. Digiperform


Digiperform is recognized in digital marketing as one of the top digital marketing courses in Delhi.

In the present, where digital marketing is now an essential skill for anyone, Digiperform’s structured curriculum designed within LMS offers its students the ability to learn about all of the different modules of digital marketing, which helps students become an expert in the area of Digital Marketing.

Since its inception over 9 years, Digiperform’s significant placement cell has assisted many of its students to get started in their Digital Marketing careers.

With the evolution of the educational sector. Many institutes and other organizations are now online to offer educational content to students and their clients; Digiperform has effectively launched its online course. Students can acquire and improve their digital marketing abilities.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Marketing & Web Presence Foundation Module ( 5 Modules)
  2. Online Business Visibility Creation (6 Modules )
  3. Lead Generation (5 Modules)
  4. Personal Branding & Online Earning (4 Modules)
  5. Interview Preparation (1 Module)
  6. 8 Masterclass
  7. Lead Nurturing (4 Modules)
  8. 3 Capstone Projects With 9 Specialization Badges

Course Duration :

2-4 Months

Course Highlights :

  1. Innovative Ideas
  2. High-Quality Training
  3. Smart Classes
  4. 100% Placement Assistance

Contact Information :

Address: Hotel Conclave Complex, A-20, Kailash Colony Rd, Block A, Kailash Colony, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110048

Phone: +91– 890-890-9966

5. Delhi Institute Of Digital Marketing

Delhi institute is among the most renowned digital marketing institutes in Delhi, with twelve years of experience in digital marketing.

Delhi institutes is one of the well-known digital marketing firms based in Delhi to meet skilled digital marketing professionals.

DIDM trained more than 7,000 students. They were acknowledged as such by ASSOCHAM with the title of “Most Promising Brand” DIDM will provide high-quality education through its cutting-edge digital marketing courses and in-depth understanding of strategies for digital marketing to meet the increasing needs of highly skilled professionals across the globe.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Google Adwords
  3. Online Reputation Management
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Search Engine Optimization
  7. Google Adsense

Course Duration :

3 | 5 Months

Course Highlights :

  1. Learn through our LMS with dedicated mentorship and expert career guidance.
  2. In-depth practical digital marketing training sessions will make you job-ready with an excellent salary package.
  3. Taking up their digital marketing course with 50+ Modules can help working professionals have an edge over the competition.
  4. Digital Marketing can help you shine to stand out by becoming a successful entrepreneur.
  5. Special session on Black Hat SEO & Drop Shipping.

Contact Information :

Address:  Park End Park, 2, 3rd Metro Pillar Number 99, Vikas Marg, Preet Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110092

Phone no. : 09313204343

6. Internet Marketing School

Internet Marketing School

Established in 2016 by the chief executive officer of IMS Group, Mr. Sanjay Singhania, Internet Marketing School has been one of the famous centers to provide the top industry-leading digital marketers.

The most impressive thing you will see regarding this Internet Marketing Institute is that they offer classes both offline and online along with their current curriculum for job seekers, freshers, entrepreneurs, working professionals, and business proprietors.

Its ISO & Google partner training institute has been certified by over 6000 students and has been ranked above 4000+ of its learners.

It has its placement cell and a reputable industry body to take care of placement.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Website Planning & Development
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. SEM (Google Ads)
  4. Web Analytics
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Content Marketing
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Inbound Marketing
  9. Make Money Online
  10. Mobile Marketing
  11. E-commerce Marketing
  12. Google Data Studio

Course Duration :

3/5 Months

Course Highlights :

  1. Expertise in professional web designing and HTML.
  2. Insights on how to develop promotional strategies for SMM.
  3. Through practice and revision sessions on mobile app development.
  4. Real-time experience on how to generate revenue online.
  5. Supervised and guided by industry-leading experts who are results driven.
  6. 100% success ensured to those taking Google’s Certification Exam under our guidance
  7. Practical-oriented and industry-based modules prepare the students eligible for prospective employment at the top MNCs
  8. Providing 100% support on placement on course completion

Contact Information :

Address: C-64, 1st Floor, Shivalik Main Road, Malviya Nagar Landmark: Above Honey & Dough New Delhi – 110017

Phone: +91 9871402213

7. Simply Digital

Simply Digital

One of the most prestigious Digital Marketing Institutes, Simply Digital was founded by the late Mr. Prashant Sinha in 2015.

The principal goal of the institution was to help candidates with the most recent Digital Marketing trends.

Simply Digital is well known for its Digital Marketing courses in Delhi, primarily focused on improving the quality of their skills and enhancing the expertise of the candidates.

Students will get practical experience working with marketing datasets, constructing fake advertising, interactive website optimization, and SEO strategies.

They will also practice these strategies in the course of this program digital marketing. The students will have a thorough understanding of different media platforms selling methods, sales strategies, and budget allocation after the conclusion of the online marketing education.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Overview of Digital Marketing
  2. Website planning and Creation
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. PPC Advertising & Google Adwords
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Email Marketing
  8. E-commerce Marketing
  9. Mobile Marketing
  10. Content Marketing
  11. Creating an Internet Marketing Strategy
  12. Local Business SEO
  13. Affiliate Marketing
  14. Video Marketing
  15. Making Money via Adsense and Blogging

Course Duration :

3-6 months

Course Highlights :

  1. Industry experts lectures
  2. Customized digital marketing course
  3. 360 degree solution to all the digital marketing related queries
  4. Faculty members IIT-IIM alumni
  5. Industry experts have got excellent reviews and testimonials for their lectures
  6. Students get internship in digital start-ups
  7. Final placements at all levels across industries

Contact Information :

Address : 97/1, 1st Floor, Adhchini, New Delhi – 110017

Phone no. : +91-8595372760

8. Digital Marketing Profs

Digital Marketing Profs

Digital Marketing Profs has oriented its curriculum to provide experiential exposure. They have taught more than 5500 students.

The institution has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and provides training via online as well as offline methods. Digital Marketing Profs is a famous professional training establishment located in Rohini, New Delhi, India. They provide customized digital marketing courses to students seeking employment as well as a course in digital marketing for entrepreneurs seeking to expand their business online as well as a bespoke digital marketing program for corporations and colleges in Delhi.

In addition to live projects as part of their curriculum, Digital Marketing Profs also provide complete assistance in arranging.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Importance of Search Engine Optimization
  2. Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals
  3. On-page SEO
  4. Off-page SEO
  5. Local SEO
  6. Google Algorithm
  7. SEO Tools
  8. Google Search Console/ Google Webmaster
  9. Google Analytics
  10. Website Creation and Analysis
  11. Competitor Website Analysis
  12. Mobile Sites SEO

Course Duration :

3-6 months

Course Highlights :

  1. 100% Job Assurance
  2. Affordable Course Fee
  3. Training on Real time Projects
  4. Industry Expert Trainers
  5. Soft Skills Training

Contact Information :

Address : 502, GD Northex Tower A09,

Netaji Subhash Place, PitamPura New Delhi-110034, India

Phone no .: +91-98-10-501-504

9. Indian Institute of Advanced Digital Marketing (IIADM)


Since its inception in 2017, IIADM has trained more than a thousand professionals.

The Institute has partnerships with numerous well-known companies, such as Microsoft, Google, Reliance, and eBay. Professionals looking to expand their enterprises have a lot to gain from IIADM.

With 15+ Programs and 180+ Modules, IIADM provides training in digital marketing ranging from the fundamentals to the most advanced techniques. where you’ll learn 30+ of the best tactics as well as the appropriate dos and don’ts. Moreover, they provide 100% Guaranteed Placement right after the training.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals
  2. On-page SEO
  3. Off-page SEO
  4. Local SEO
  5. Google Algorithm
  6. SEO Tools
  7. Google Search Console/ Google Webmaster
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Website Creation and Analysis
  10. Competitor Website Analysis
  11. Mobile Sites SEO

Contact Information:

Address: Third Floor, E559, Ramphal Chowk Rd, opposite Goyal Sons, Block E, Sector 7 Dwarka, Market, New Delhi, Delhi 110077,

Phone: +91- 081300 14713

10. Expert Training Institute

Expert Training Institute

The year 2012 saw the launch of Expert Digital by Mr. Udit Khurana. The training is among the best in Rohini, Delhi, for digital marketing.

With over 1973 batches, it has trained over 30,000 candidates and provides a customizable learning environment. Expert Training Institute provides a unique digital marketing course with one-on-one mentorship, 100% placement assistance, and tens of live projects.

By passing this course, which is co-branded with Expert Training Institute as the Knowledge Partner, you will be awarded a digital marketing certificate.

Your technical qualifications’ reputation will be greatly increased by this Certified Digital Marketing Course.

Contact Information:

Address: C-2, New Krishna Park, Vikaspuri, Near Janakpuri West Metro Station, New Delhi, Delhi 110018, India.

Phone: +91-9958384020


Digital Marketing’s effectiveness as a marketing strategy and as a career choice offers a lot of potential. Any young person is advised to enter this field as soon as they can. It is now the perfect moment to start your career in the field of digital marketing. Learning Digital Marketing offers students and practitioners an edge over their peers when starting a career in this field.

If you’re searching for Digital Marketing courses in Delhi, the best Digital Marketing Courses Delhi mentioned above are among the most likely.

Frequently Asked Questions on Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi

1. Which are the best digital marketing courses in Delhi?

Digital Vidya and Digital Academy India is on top of our list of Digital Marketing courses in Delhi. Digital Academy India is the market leader in instructor-led online training. It has been striving to enhance the quality of its courses with time, including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn industry-specific certifications.

2. What is the digital marketing course fees for digital marketing courses in Delhi ?

Digital Marketing courses in Delhi typically costs between 20,000 to 50,000 rupees. The cost is typically determined by the institution where you receive your instruction and also the degree in the training.

3. Which is the best digital marketing institute in Delhi with placement?

Digital Academy India provides 100% internships and placement assistance for students who finish their training promptly and at their desired time.

4. What are the Eligibility criteria for Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi?

Digital Marketing Training’s basic criteria to be eligible is, you need to have a finished bachelor’s degree (from any stream) or 12th Pass

You also require to work on your analytical skills, communication skills, follow persuasion skills, etc.

Also for that very reason, you need to have a consistent learning attitude and keep yourself up-to-date on the latest trends in the technology to stay leading of your competition.

5. Which are the digital marketing courses with Certificates by Google?

Digital Academy India designed the Google Adwords Certification Program to help entrepreneurs and professionals achieve their digital marketing goals. Our Project method of teaching based on research covers both the strategy and methods of implementation that help you gain practical abilities.

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