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The World is changing, and it’s changing fast! Despite all the expertise, no one has a clue what the next 5 years look like. Education is meant to take us into this future. People of all demographics are gathering their own seeds of education and cultivating lush sets of hybrid tools to deal with the rapid knowledge replenishment that’s essential in an economy where massive career specialization and constant innovation reign.

Today, Anyone can put together a personalized educational experience via digital textbooks, synchronised learning etc. Classrooms can be anywhere at anytime. Here’s how you can become a lifelong learner:

    1. Unlock Your Creativity

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, You will never come up with anything original.”

Creativity is as important as literacy. Our education system, with its definition of right and wrong, forces people out of their creative capacities. But remember, some of the greatest scientific, mathematical, artistic, and other advances came from questioning conventional wisdom and being open to unusual results and new, different ways of doing things.

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     2. Leave your perfectionism behind

Experiment, make mistakes, and ask silly questions. If you wait until you know it all, you’ll be waiting a long time. The desire to excel is usually a good thing, but when it spills over into perfectionism it can also cause a lot of trouble, burn you out, and waste a lot of time. The key is finding the balance.

     3.  Share and Network

If you’re great at something, help others who wish to learn. Alternatively, Find people that are either learning the same things you are, or already know them. Just being around those people and conversing with them will put you much farther ahead compared to learning in isolation.

     4.  Have fun

Fun is a very important part of learning. It is a big part of your motivation to continue. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, so make the most of it.  If you are having to “think” how to have fun, then you know you have a problem. “Feel” your way through fun; go “right” brain! When do people perform best at any task, from sport to nuclear physics? When they’re relaxed, intent on what they’re doing and most importantly, when they’re having fun. So loosen up and enjoy your life. Keep Learning!

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