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With mobile marketing creating a buzz in the marketing & advertising fraternity, it is imperative to tap the targeted set of audience with the device that they are most connected to 24*7, which is none other than a mobile phone. So, marketers are making every effort to create the perfect mobile app or mobile-friendly website that enhance user’s experience.

For the same, there are certain tools that must be taken into consideration and leveraged upon for best results. Enlisted below are top 20 mobile marketing tools for best campaign results:

Mobile Advertising Tools



Flurry is a mobile advertising platform that enables companies to build, measure and monetize mobile applications in new app company.


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AdMob is Google’s mobile ad network. It allows the user to advertise the mobile app from within other apps.


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Doubleclick caters to different needs of different users viz. advertisers, publishers and networks. For advertisers or agencies, it is an ad management solution that allows to manage the complete scope of digital advertising programmes.


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mMedia is a comprehensive tool that offers self-service mobile advertising and application monetization facility.

Mobile Analytics Tools


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Localytics is a paid mobile app analytics tool that caters to apps on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and HTML5 mobile platforms.

WebTrends Mobile Analytics

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WebTrends mobile analytics tool provides in-depth information about the customer activity in mobile optimized websites and mobile apps for better customer engagement.


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Countly is an open source mobile app analytics tool that supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry apps.


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Amplitude is a mobile analytics tool for decision makers that act as a real-time mobile analytics platform.

Mix Panel

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Mix Panel provides both web as well as mobile app analytics solution. It is a great tool to apply in case of a newly launched app.


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Upsight provides you the information pertaining to core acquisition, engagement and revenue metrics.


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This tool offers better accessibility through a fully integrated online dashboard that gives reports on multiple sessions or single experience, at a time.

Mobile App Tracking

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Mobile App Tracking as the name suggests is a tool integrated with plenty of mobile ad networks and publishers.


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Adjust has a real-time analysis system that provides most valuable traffic to the website.

Responsive Design Tools

DesignModo’s Responsive Test

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DesignModo is one stop shop comprising of the best WordPress themes and frameworks. This responsive design tool publishes web design articles and tutorials.


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BrowserStack allows the user to remotely access an entire host of devices thus enabling to do proper quality analysis. This tool is publicized by Microsoft as an effective tool for testing old versions of Internet Explorer.


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Mobitest is one such responsive design tool that makes it easy to see how the designs are performing.

Mobile App Tools

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Appcelerator Titanium development platform allows easy access to users over 300 APIs and location information.


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RhoMobile allows multi-platform mobile app development. By leveraging upon this tool, developers can create native apps on Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone and RIM Operating Systems (OS).


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MoSync is a Free Open Source Software (FOSS) multi-platform mobile app development tool.


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PhoneGap lets developers use HTML, JavaScript and CSS to create apps that are available as first-class applications on the phone.

Have you tried any of the aforesaid tools? Do you know any other tools apart from the aforesaid tools, that you can use to leverage mobile marketing? Do share your in the comment section below.

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