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Project ARA, Google’s “Innovation in progress” has certainly aroused many a curious mind. The release being speculated around 2015, Project ARA is Google’s concept of a “modular” phone could be a stroke of ingenuity in the time to come. What we know so far is that Project ARA focuses on bringing you a modular phone, a phone which can be put together piece by piece solely depending upon your personal preference and choice. Certainly a dream come true for many.


A phone, truly of your own making where the limitations of a company in terms of processor or battery won’t make you conform to their specs. It allows a ‘root to branch’ remodelling of your device, whatever specs you want your phone to boast, you decide. Now that’s definitely a new concept.

The only absolute hurdle a phone selling company could have at the end of the day is not being able to cater to the needs and preferences of each and every consumer despite having triggered an interest in the consumer, some tiny bit or the other will seem a bit disagreeable to the consumer which all boils down to personal preference. Some may find the phone too big, or too small, not like the way the device is crafted. Take the newly launched Nexus 6 for example, even though the phone is a state of the art sublime beast of a phone (I feel personally). But having asked around, many prefer deviating away from buying it despite top of the line specs, due to its sheer size which is a whopping 6 inches.

Companies lose out on potential customers who would’ve gone for the purchase if not for that one “thing” that they found off putting, in the case of the Nexus 6 it is “Size”. Now how does one tap into this gold reservoir of potential customers and take care of each and every personal preference?
Simple, Google comes up with a phone which will be crafted and shaped by you and only you. Intriguing and liberating.

For this purpose, Google will offer up frames (a base, a foundation so to say) which will serve as your canvas to draw up whichever kind of phone you want. These frames are in the range of


The frame will have no permanent connectors which would mean everything on the frame can be swapped and interchanged; all of this becomes possible with strong magnets connecting the modules to the frame. Say you buy the “Jumbo” frame and take a ‘smaller-than-frame’ screen which would allow you to double up on battery packs to ensure you don’t run out of power for the day or days to come. Citing such an example, you can change the specs of your phone as and when the novelty wears off, all you have to do is select modules available on the Google play store and construct your device, piece by piece. Never will be a dull day I imagine, like having a new phone each time you modify it.


From battery life to screen resolution, you get to handpick each of the phone’s elements. This certainly would give many a “piece” of mind.
The only question remains, will the industrially assembled look capture the eye? Will it be physically alluring? Time will tell, but the curiosity is certainly there.
If this project kicks off with success, Gone will be rants after purchasing a phone.
The concept of ranting about poor battery life and small screen size will be obsolete, they will be relics of a time gone by.

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