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Digital Marketers are highly paid. Yes, they are. It’s a world where consumers are going online and brands have no option but to follow them. But obviously more job aspirants are looking to learn Digital Marketing to secure these high paying and high growth jobs. But many don’t put enough thought into choosing the best web marketing academy to get trained.

Web Marketing Academies are everywhere. If you search for a web marketing academy online, you will get results in 100s, to say the least. There will be a web training academy that hosts self-paced online courses, others offer instructor-led online courses whereas there are others that offer classroom training.

Among so many options, it does get a bit overwhelming to choose the best web marketing academy that you should opt for. But with certain guidelines in mind, you can reach a concrete conclusion about the one you should go for. In this post, I am going to give you a clear pathway to choose the best web marketing academy that will be worth the money and time that you spend on getting trained.

5 Tips for Choosing a Top Web Marketing Academy

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Digital Communication is big and if you really want to get into a Digital Marketing Career, you need to get used to working and learning online. If your computer abilities are minimal or if you face difficulty while using technology, you need to push up the game and get pro with using the internet. So, I suggest that you should start working on your comfort with technology.

However, more than that, while choosing a web marketing academy, you must take care of the following guidelines. These guidelines in my eyes are very thorough but following them is fairly simple.

1. Know Your Requirements

You should be aware of your reason to learn Digital Marketing. Some who are desirous of landing up at his first job don’t need the same course as someone who has been in the industry for 5 years already. It is also not wise for a person interested in affiliate marketing to take a course in paid advertising.

Also, a person might already have strength in some areas of web marketing, so retaking a course on the things he knows is a waste of time. More of web marketing is learned by practice and not through studying mere theory. In many cases, you would not even need a course to learn web marketing. You can just read and watch the plethora of content that is already available online for free.

Once you know your reason to learn Digital Marketing well, you will be in a better position to choose the best Web Marketing Academy for yourself.

2. Consider the Scope of the Course

You need to understand what the Web Marketing Academy you are considering is going to teach. You can start by checking the curriculum of the course they offer. The deeper and more wholesome the course is, the better it is for you. That’s only if you are just starting out though.
As your career progresses, you would need to work on your niche skills and going deep in one or two of the channels of online marketing will make more sense than positioning yourself as a generalist. Saying this, if you really seek a team lead position, then developing into a hardcore generalist will prove to be wonderful.
Another consideration is the level of hands-on practical implementation that the course allows. Rather, it enforces. The greater the level of practice that a course promises and pushes on the learner, the better is the learning.
You must also have a clear idea about the course duration in terms of the lesson duration and the additional learning hours required. Take a course only when you can commit to that kind of duration. Just sitting in class and listening to the instructor talk about a few concepts won’t take you anywhere. So, essentially you need to be conscious of the scope and duration of the course in order to be prepared to it in the best way possible.

3. Research the Web Marketing Academy

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Most of the institutes missell their products and you don’t want to be another fooled person one on the list. Many institutes even name themselves close to what highly reputed institutions sound like. Fake promises about placements, certifications, tools are common. Every web training academy that is not reputed does it.

Make sure that you read the web marketing academy reviews you are looking to get enrolled in. And you can’t just read any kind of reviews, you need to read genuine ones. Many institutes get fake reviews out in the market, so we have to be very cautious about web academy reviews.

You can get to understand the authenticity of an institute by talking to its alumni. Many brands do not shy away from giving you access to some of their satisfied candidates. You can question such candidates and ascertain if the web marketing academy falls in your league or not.

Every academy will have a style that is its own, be sure that you align with that. Don’t make a random decision because it’s not only about your money, rather your time, career and efforts are all at stake.

4. Check out the Faculty

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More than anything, the faculty will play a direct role in your learning. So be sure that you have a good faculty at the academy that you are opting for. The experience of the trainers and their accomplishments is something to look out for. The kind of campaign that they have been a part of will be a direct form of learning to you. All the time they discuss the projects they have worked on, you will understand very specific nitty-gritty that will work in your favor in the long run.

If possible, you can also take a demo class. In the demo class, you should concentrate on the communication of the trainer and his teaching methodology. In fact, if you are in a position where you can say go into a web marketing academy with multiple trainers, each teaching a specific niche skill, then go for it. These types of courses will allow you to learn from the best person in each niche. This is simply because Digital Marketing is so expansive that you cannot learn it all.

5. Check the Certifications Offered

As stated earlier, rarely do Web Marketing Academies market themselves honestly. They manipulate and twist words to create a false image of a certain kind. While you are researching for a good web marketing academy ensure that you go to one which has a recognized course.
Many institutes talk about offering multiple certifications when in reality they are talking about free tests that anyone can take. So, you need to be careful and cautious. But even then, if you trust that an academy will give you a very good course content and you are sure to get a good hands-on execution ability, never shy away from it.


These were my 2 cents on the thoughts you need to have before you take up a web marketing course. Saying that a lot of things do depend on your own preferences and interests. Your time availability, your commitments and your preferred method of learning. All this will have a direct impact on the course you should take.

On the whole, if you are looking for a great learning experience, you should not skip these 5 points in considering the best web marketing academy for you. If you want to know more about it, then it would be great to take Digital Vidya’s free digital marketing demo class.

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