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In any business, web analytics tools which has data tracking ability and interpretation is important to make good choice as it determines the fate of the company i.e. whether the business will succeed or fail !

Every business whether small or big needs to collect, track and analyze their data. But trying to understand the collected can be very confusing. Every time an individual visits your website, they brings with them a new set of data which needs to be collected, measured, analyzed and reported. Enlisted below are the top 20 web analytics tools that every marketer must know:

Google Analytics1

Google Analytics is used track and analyse the web traffic data by generating a report that provides information about visitors, content, traffic sources etc. of a website.


A real-time website analysis tool, Woopra is a platform which is used primarily by sales and marketing companies to provide aggregated customers analytics report.


Clicky is amongst one the most powerful tools that offers a link report that depicts all external websites sending traffic to your website. This tool is considered almost as good as Google Analytics.


A real-time data analytics tool, Chartbeat helps you to make swift decisions about your website based on the user-content interaction.


Mint is a customizable tool that tracks basic statistical facts such as traffic trends, popular pages, searches etc. And has a pleasant interface.


KISSmetrics provides comprehensive real-time data that enables you to improve upon the conversion rates.


UserTesting offers a unique platform to gather information about the website users.


By implementing this Web Analytics tool, the user can watch the video of the users that interact with your website, as well as view heat maps to see the effect of changes you have made on your page.

Spring Metrics9

Spring Metrics differs from its contemporary tool, Google Analytics with the fact that it tracks the visitor’s path through the website right from the time he/she landed on the website to the time he left from website.


Crazyegg is one such Web Analytics tool that allows you to have a view what the website visitors are doing on the website’s pages.


Alexa enables the user to analyse how to improve SEO by specifying powerful keywords used by the competitors.


Woorank is an easy to use web analytics tool that gives in-depth analysis of website.


Compete is that Web Analytics tool that gives you an edge over the competitors by giving creative intelligence information.


Piwik stores the data on your server by tracking many websites, automatically deleting old data and helps to rank top keywords.


GoSquared provides notifications about social trends, traffic spikes that helps to measure visitor engagement.


FoxMetrics entails 4 key features viz. Funnels, Profiles, Segments and Triggers with reference to web analysis.

Open Web Analytics17

Open Web Analytics is a free and open source that bears almost the same features as that of Google Analytics.

Site Meter18

This tool gives detailed reports with respect to search keywords, visitor location, entry & exit page, visitor path and outclicks.


StatCounter helps you to collect information about your information by integrating a special code.


Etracker tracks mouse movements to analyse visitor engagement and collects feedback from them to improve upon the website’s usability.

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