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You’ve followed the campaign crafting procedures by the book and you’ve got your ad out there for the world to see, but somehow you are swatting flies? Managed to clean out that one spot on your PC deemed indelible for ages? The hits don’t quite match your expectations? Site not receiving as many hits as you like? Site getting no hits at all? The reasons for this debacle may be many, let’s enumerate the solutions to get you back up on that horse.
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So, to successfully implement the multipronged process we will absorb certain tips and tricks. Osmosis mode: On.
Let’s dissect the ad copy, beginning with the title/headline.


With 25 characters being the limitation for the Title, ask yourself, Does it connect to the user’s set of keywords? Is it shedding relevant light on what your site is offering? If not, then there needs to be a re-implementation of the title (Emblazoned in Blue).

In the example cited above, the user searching for piano lessons will get a more specified hit in “piano lessons in Philadelphia”.
This title needs to be a “BANG, in your face” type of a screamer. Analyse your competition, ascertain the feel of the target audience (put yourself in their shoes), think about what you would prefer if you were searching for a, say “Blue Tie made of Silk”. You would click the ad which reads “Ties/blue/silk”, an ad which has any of the keywords being searched for. But you wouldn’t click on an ad which says “Uncle Rico’s house” (who knows what Uncle Rico has been up to? Does Uncle Rico have the tie I want?). Sadly the question asked 4 words ago takes only about a millisecond to go through the users mind.
For all we know Uncle Rico may have fabulous ties, exceeding your expectations by a light-year. But failing to match the keywords will leave your link un-highlighted and poor old Uncle Rico would be left contemplating his existence.

The users have the attention span of a squirrel; you only have a split second to catch the eye. This is both a pro and a con, if you fail to attract the attention within that millisecond your ad will fall into the deepest depth of Hades’ underworld, but if you do manage to allure the eye then the user won’t even deign to look at the other links and would instantly click your link. Make it specific, not generic. Every character up for grabs should be used to its fullest effect.

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The rules associated with the display URL are simple. Keep it short and simple, not much that can go wrong with this. This leads you to your Destination page, now obviously you can’t paste the destination URL if that in characters outnumber the Persian Army at Thermopylae, with a 35 character word limit you want to keep the display URL relevant to what you’re offering, in the aforementioned example, the word “Tap Aerators” is highlighted to connect the Display URL to the Title and also the product being offered on your website. This consistency across all the lines will convince the user of the product you deal in.


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Coming further down to the Description lines, now here is where you need to finish strong. You have 35 lines to work your magic for each Description line. Again, consistency is needed across all lines, encourage the use of numbers wherever necessary, it takes the mind off from reading droll words. Use capitalization where needed because provides a variety of visual effects, (Ok, not like Avatar 3D) but it makes the content more inviting and eye catching.

Provide as much information as you can in these two lines, price/discount/product type and lastly, do not forget the call-to-action. What does the user have to do to initiate his/her transaction with you? Do not leave the user hanging, covering all the bases and forgetting the basics can sting quite a lot.

Here’s an example of an AdWords Ad

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For a comparison, compare the two: –
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[Now you decide which ad was more appealing, if you chose the latter then well, hmm, all is not lost for Uncle Rico]

The first Ad, covers quite a lot of bases. It contains a generic term like “Covers”, and then a specific term like “Anti Shock”. Coming down it conveys the audience it caters to, users having iPhones or Androids. Lastly, we have included as much information as we could in with the discount percentage and then the call to action. Keep it holistic, and revamp that dormant Ad. Now go forth and get noticed.

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