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Wish to develop an understanding on how searches on Google happen? Want to know how to target the audience to search for your product or service on Google and other search engines? The list of top 20 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tools will help you to enrich your paid ad campaigns strategy and fetch the best results:

Competitive Keyword Research Tools


KeywordSpy is a tool that helps in keyword tracking and enables to perform advanced keyword research & get in-depth analysis of the competitors.

PPC Web Spy2

A competitive keyword research tool, PPC Web Spy is a priceless tool that enables you to see & virtually steal the keywords that other advertisers of the same are using.


SEMrush is amongst one of the great competitive research tools that help in determining the list of pages & sites that are ranking for your keywords.


SpyFu is that competitive keyword research tool that helps not only in building the Adword campaigns, but also in constructing SEO strategies in which keyword plays a crucial role.


One of the latest entries in the field of spy tool market, iSpionage lays more focus on PPC as compared to organic SEO.


Soovle is free keyword research tool, which unites suggestion services from all major platforms like Google, YouTube, Bing etc.

Ad Word Tools

Ad Text Generator7

As the name suggests, Ad Text Generator is an adword tool that helps to generate immediate suggestions for Google AdWords and benefits the adwords account.

Adword Bid Tool8

Adword Bid Tool helps in analyzing the clicks, costs, impression, and conversions, which further reduces the effort of tracking PPC campaign.

Negative Keyword9

This tool works like a keyword audit for you and identifies the negative keyword for your ad. It helps helps in reaching prospective customers, cost reduction and increasing ROI (return on investment).

Budget Estimation Tools

Google Traffic Estimator10

Google Traffic Estimator analyzes and estimates the overall number of clicks on Google Adword ads and bid prices of top ad positions.

CPC ROI Calculator11

CPC ROI Calculator is an effective tool to determine return on investment (ROI) for pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

Traditional Keyword Research Tools


Wordtracker gives a boost to the search engine rankings by attracting the targeted audience and fetch profits in terms of organic traffic for your site.


SpeedPPC is software that builds and enables to make the PPC campaign automated; thus, permitting you to frame target based ad groups and landing pages in less time.

Bid Management & PPC Campaign Management Tools

Adwords Editor14

Adwords Editor is a free Google application, which allows you to work offline and make changes when user is ready with the changes.

Adword Scripts15

Adword Scripts allows to control Adwords data programmatically, by simply using JavaScript in a browser based IDE.


This tool is an effective tool for managing, automating and optimizing PPC campaigns.


It is a free online statistical significance tester tool that allows you to calculate probability of result confidence between A/B split tests of pay-per-click ad campaign.

Keyword Grouping & Generation Tools

Keyword Combiner18

Keyword Combiner is one of the efficient tools, as it combines two or three lists of words and wrap up the results in a form of keyword.

Keyword Wrapper19

Keyword Wrapper is a free tool, which helps in creating keyword sets in all match types and allows you to bring a list of keywords together in no time.

A/B Testing Tool


Crazyegg is one of the frequently used A/B testing tools that helps to have a competitive edge over the competitive websites without incurring high costs.

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