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Img_0793SWith a strong foundation in media and communications, having pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media with a specialization in Advertising and having completed a Certificate Program in Digital Marketing from Digital Academy India, Aakash Kumar believes that he has the understanding, knowledge and preparation necessary to pursue a job in this field. During his 3.5 years in the above mentioned fields, he has learnt to not only thoroughly examine the current social media trends, but has also acquired the skills required to communicate and present these findings in a professional and eloquent manner.

Having worked as an Intern at J. Walter Thompson, he got a chance to help develop social media and communication strategies, learnt to conduct research to identify and keep up-to-date social media best practices and trends. He secured firsthand experience in planning and organizing communication activities online and offline. He is also proficient in the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS X, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WordPress and AdWords.  Currently, Aakash is working as a Content Writer at TinyOwl wherein he is  pursuing his passion of writing and food as well.

Digital Academy India: What created your interest in learning Digital Marketing?

Aakash: Every company no matter how big or small, especially small, need to reach out to its target audience. There is no better way to effectively reach out and also measure that reach, that digital and social media marketing.  I was taught all the other old-school aspects of marketing and advertising but not this, which is why I was both curious and interested in learning digital marketing.

Digital Academy India: Why did you opt for Digital Academy’s Digital Marketing training programme?

Aakash: I checked out a few other places offering the same programme, out of which yours stood out as your syllabus seemed a better than what the others were providing, which is why I opted for you guys, and I was extremely happy with my decision 🙂

Digital Academy India:  Please share your experience in learning through an instructor-led, online format.

Aakash: Each and every instructor was very well versed with the topic they were teaching, every question was answered there and then and if not immediately they made sure they got back to you via email with the answer to your query. I am not an attentive guy, and lose interest pretty soon but I religiously sat for those 3 hours as the sessions we pretty fun and interactive and I was learning in an environment of my choosing, not a class room, but my own living room. This type of online teaching format can only work, if the instructors asks and gets feedback from the people attending the session and EVERY instructors made sure to do so, very diligently.

Digital Academy India:  According to you, what was the highlighting feature of Digital Academy’s training programme?

Aakash: The instructors, their drive to make you learn. That was the highlight for me. I missed a few classes due to unavoidable circumstances, but they made sure i got a recording of the classes I missed and also took calls when I didn’t understand something.

Digital Academy India: Please share top 3-5 takeaways from the course you participated at Digital Academy.


  • Gained integral knowledge about the working of various social media platforms and how they can be used for marketing.
  • Learnt the basics of Google Adwords (should have paid more attention in class) which I am sure will help me somewhere in the long run.
  • Experienced a new form of education.
Digital Academy India: Did you recognize any change in your professional career after applying the concepts learnt in the programme offered by Digital Academy’s Certification Programme in Digital Marketing (CPDM)?

Aakash: To be honest, No. I worked as a social media intern for sometime during which I did use some of the things I learnt, but at present I am working as a copywriter so no i am not using any of those concepts. But again, I do have a certificate of CPDM so it looks good on my resume. So, that is something.

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