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Conversion Rate Optimization: is to raise conversion optimization rate i.e. to generate and direct a colossal amount of traffic to your website and let the hits pile up.
The beauty of this is that you don’t have to alter your advertising expenditure, you just tweak up your approach to make the most of the traffic on your site. A high traffic rate is no indicator of success unless you receive as many conversions.
The objective is to compel the highest number of users to indulge in the process of conversion.
Now just before we go all “Gung-Ho” let’s take a glance to realign a couple of things

  • Analyse your current rate of conversion.

  • Jot down all the troublesome areas you have.

  • Check if you have an effective Call-to-Action (A conspicuously placed “Buy Now”/“Contact Now” button)

  • Ensure user friendly U.I. Paired with crisp, clean graphics to ensure the User navigates without any hindrance.

  • Cohesion is of paramount importance, double check again whether your site is inseparably linked to the product on sale

Moving forward, the double checking and realigning things into perspective affect many factors which determine your conversion rates.
You have your Bounce Rates, which give you stats of users leaving after not getting past the first page, followed by Exit Rates which shows you the last page users viewed before leaving. Average Page Views, the number of pages users leafed through before navigating away from your website.

Now the question is why are they leaving? Is your site not compelling enough? Alluring enough? Are there too many Calls-to-action complicating the life out of the user? Are your products loosely linked with your ad? Website’s a bit too intricate and elaborate? 

Let’s not forget about the “split-second” attention of users that goes astray if the content is unappealing, the relentless speed at which the mind either gets attracted or strayed from the content is blinding. The rainbow of moods the user might have, the distractions faced by the user while shopping are uncontrollable forces of nature. What is in your control is to make the content appealing, universally.

We want quick and easy access to the site which makes good on its promise and indeed provides the goods the ad was made for, then we want quick and easy navigation to get or find the product/service we need and to sum it all up; a hassle free checkout which complicate the life out of you.

Make sure you don’t have your website committing these cardinal sins which lead to inevitable failure.

Having an unattractive Website
Make sure you website is not droll and unattractive. Ensure cheap graphics are not used; there needs to be harmony across the page.

Unnavigable Webpage
Suppose you’re selling ties. If one has to peel his eyes out to get to know about the product, then you know you’ve lost your potential customer right there. (No information about the ties and the size chart being lost to oblivion would be the catalysts in hiking up the bounce rate, in this case)

Poor Call to Action
once the user is lost on webpage, all hope is not lost, and they only abandon ship when there is no guide to get them back on track. No “help” button will be the final nail in the coffin, A coup de grace which will further bolster the exit rate on the website.

These reasons, coupled with many more seal the high Bounce Rate of any website, these are cardinal sins you don’t want to commit. Reanalyze your site and make sure your folly isn’t listed above.



Ensure site speed is always at par with the word “Speed”, a slow page-loading time will cause users to go astray.  
So make sure your site is responsive and as fast as fast can be.

Have room for reviewsImage

This is how you social proof your website and create further credibility, testimonials will work as well. Use a mark of authentication to validate the authenticity of a review or product. For Example, Amazon has “Certified buyer reviews” in their review section and “Amazon Certified tags” for further proof of authenticity of their products, this authenticity makes user feel safe and stands as further proof of the genuine quality of your products.

Consistency Across all Platforms

Now this determines how wide your reach is through the various platforms at your disposal.

How mobile friendly are you? Statistics reveal that 79% of all Smartphone owners are online shoppers. This is an invaluable resource you want to tap into. Even before heading off to shop, users venture online to review the product they want to buy. Shopping bags are fast becoming relics of a time gone buy. Make sure your website is mobile/Tablet/PC friendly as users actively engage on websites through these intermediaries.

Language and Privacy Friendly

Even though English is a widely spoken language, it would be a good provision to have your site be language friendly, enabling users from different parts of the world to interact with your site, the wider the reach; the greater the possibility of conversions.
Privacy clauses further ensure in reaffirming the sense of security users would feel by shopping online; Delivering a secure payment system, confidentiality of the user’s info etc.

Community Building/Referrals

Build an online community to increase the extent of your interaction with users and potential users. This will generate a good sense of brand name with round the clock presence.

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