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“You could say that Affiliate marketing is the ultimate form of marketing communications since it’s a “pay-per-performance marketing” method i.e. it’s a commission-based arrangement where the merchant or business selling products only pays when they make the sale or get a lead.” Smart Insights

Affiliate marketing has grown steadily over the last ten years,  hand-in-hand with the rise of  e-commerce. Known as affiliate marketing, this online partnership can be attractive to SME’s as it can mean a controlled and often lower cost per acquisition. For a business with a  small budget this can be an attractive proposition since,  unless a result is achieved (for example an actual sale takes place) no commission is paid to the third-party. With the anonymous Instagram story viewer , you can check out any instagram story without your profile being seen by the instagram account. This powerful tool provides discrete viewing capabilities so users can be sure not to disturb other instagrammers. No more worry of being noticed or banned from instagram stories with this new feature! Experience safe and secure instagramming with the addition of an instagram story viewer. Enlisted below are the top 20 affiliate marketing tools segregated based on different purposes:

Landing Page Tools


A renowned platform for creating effective landing pages, LeadPages enables affiliate marketers to experience increase in the number of lead conversions.


Instapage helps you to accelerate the pace of conversions through effective landing pages.


Convertify is a conversion rate optimization agency. It helps to optimize conversions by understanding visitors’ behaviour.


PageWiz enables the affiliate marketers to generate, design and optimize landing pages on their own. The service is built in A/B Testing Automation format and helps to secure lead management.


MaxInbound enables to make WordPress landing pages quite easily. It allows you to choose a template from amongst several ready-made landing page templates for –clickthroughs, lead generations & sales letters, without having to worry about coding.


OptimizePress helps to create all kinds of pages in WordPress.  It helps to create sales pages and enables conversion of landing pages.

Impact Page Builder7

As the name suggests, Impact Page Builder is a WordPress page template builder. It comprises of concepts like landing pages, sales pages, custom layouts, affiliate pages, custom home pages, Facebook fan pages and much more.

Link Trackers

Link Trackr8

Link Trackr enables detection of ad campaigns and affiliate links in real-time, thus acting as beneficial to the affiliate marketers in a great sense.


Improvely is an extremely powerful tracking tool especially for affiliate marketers. It helps to track the source of each & every affiliate commission, without a tracking pixel.

Easy Link Manager10

Easy Link Manager enables transformation of complicated affiliate URL’s into easy links.

Split Testing Tools


It is an optimization platform for websites and mobile apps that enables businesses to perform multivariate, multipage and A/B Testing.

Maxymiser12Maxymiser allows relevant and engaging digital interaction with the users.   

Visual Website Optimizer13

Visual Website Optimizer is world’s easiest A/B testing tool.


A comprehensive digital optimization platform, SiteSpect enables online businesses to optimize and improve conversion rates and revenues.

GetSmartContent15GetSmartContent offers content personalisation solutions to the marketers.


A global leader in email optimization and cloud-based testing, Monetate is an extremely effective personalization software.

Spy Tools


This offers instant service in terms of disclosing any advertiser’s online strategy. By presenting the online strategic information of your competing brand, Adbeat helps you to alter your strategy to stay ahead in the race.


KeywordSpy is a tool that helps in keyword tracking and enables to perform advanced keyword research & get in-depth analysis of the competitors.


SpyFu is a great competitive keyword research tool that serves the purpose for affiliate marketing by providing the information about the keywords used by the competitors.


This platform helps to intervene in the actions of online advertisers, analyse their advertising campaigns, thus resulting in reduced risk and a higher ROI.

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