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11 Most Frequently Asked Marketing Interview Questions 1

A job in Marketing is very much in vogue. It is a loved career particularly among people with strong creativity and analytical skills. But to get your first Marketing job, you have to get past an interview, the thoughts of which may hound you now. To make things easier, I am going to mention the most frequently asked Marketing interview questions along with their appropriate answers.

Concentrate, as there is a lot of information coming your way.

In your first interview for a Marketing position, you will not only be questioned about your skills, but the recruiter would be very interested in knowing who you are as a person. So, marketing interview questions for a fresher are a mixed bag of queries.

To crack your interview make sure that you not only display your skills but also show a willingness to learn. That’s simply because, with the advent of MarTech, the learning can’t stop. Marketing strategies and tactics are changing every single day. More importantly, you have to show your passion for Marketing. Only then would your candidature be taken seriously.

Whom do Recruiters Want to Hire in Marketing?

Recruiters will hire a candidate after assessing who he is as an individual. They are looking for people whose career goals coincide with that of the hiring organization. Saying that a potential fit who can make an impact, in the long run, is perfect for marketing positions.

Interview questions for marketing roles often go deep into the specifics of why what and how. Knowledge of doing things in the real world also will make a direct impact. Hypothesis based testing is always a major tool that hiring managers love to use. That helps in determining both the creativity and logical thinking skills of the candidate.

In today’s era, topics pertaining to online marketing are a top choice during marketing interviews. Questions pertaining to SEO, PPC, Social Media, E-Mail Marketing and Inbound Marketing might come in great numbers. So be prepared with your answers.

11 Frequently Asked Marketing Interview Questions

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So, now I move on to the next section where I will talk about the specific marketing interview questions that will be coming your way. A thing to consider is to openly say no to something that you don’t know. It’s okay to not know about a thing than to fake knowing it and making an awkward statement.

1. Why are you interested in taking up a role in Marketing?

Such questions are given in a fresher marketing interview very often. Questions like this would ask you to be true to your desires, aims, and goals. You can talk about your personality, your interest/passion and creative instinct here. You should couple up your claims by giving an example of each trait you enumerate.

2. What are your thoughts on continuous learning and what methods do you rely on to develop your skillset?

This is not a trick question but a real test of the genuineness of your interest to take up a role in marketing. If you want to be in marketing you have to be a lifelong learner, combating new ideas and technology. Answer it in the positive and also showcase your interest in reading blogs, listening to podcasts and watching tutorials. That’s the most convenient way to be up-to-date with regard to your skill improvement.

3. What blogs and publications do you follow?

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In order to assess the genuineness of your claim to be open to learning, the recruiter may go deep into ascertaining what you really study to develop your skills. You may reply to talking about the channels you follow on a regular basis. You may mention Marketing Profs, HubSpot, Marketing Land as the blogs of your interest, Similarly, you can mention the webinars and blogs of Digital Vidya that help you keep updated regarding local marketing techniques.

4. How different is B2B Marketing from B2C Marketing?

You will have to demonstrate your acumen for marketing tactics here. For such marketing interview questions, you must be able to categorize between the two different facets of marketing to a single consumer vis-a-vis marketing to another business. Knowledge of how mass brands market their products as compared to niche marketing will be handy here. Do read some case studies on this topic before you set out to an interview.

5. How good are you at writing? Do you enjoy writing?

Every marketer has to be a cutting edge copywriter. If you are not good at writing, chances are that you’ll not be able to move high on the success ladder. So, demonstrate your interest in writing and showcase your humor and wit. If you have a blog or a Social Media page that has done well, put forth that for the interviewer to review. On a side note, you must continuously hone your writing skills.

6. Do you have any level of training in Online Marketing?

Since most of the marketing these days is integrated with nature, you must have some training in Online Marketing. Taking up an Online Marketing Course is a great way to be prepared. The more hands-on you have been with your projects, the better it is for your future hires. So, showcase whatever you know about Digital Marketing and pick a channel to talk about in detail.

7. How good are you at multitasking?

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As a marketer, you will be always multitasking so being prepared for such a marketing interview question. Being able to demonstrate the required expertise is really important. Talk about your projects in college or a side gig that you were working upon. Even demonstrating how you have handled study and family without compromising the needs of one for the other will be of help. They want to know your aptitude and willingness in the arena of multitasking.

8. Which activity in Marketing interests you the most?

Unless you are in a very specific interview for a marketing position, you would be asked this question. A set of marketing executive interview questions can’t miss this one. So, be honest about it. This will tell the hiring manager if you are willing to be a specialist or a generalist. If monotony doesn’t affect you then being a specialist is the way to go. And if you can handle pressure well, multitask and learn quickly, being a generalist is a good thing to do.

9. How good are your aesthetics?

If you are going to be working for a brand then your aesthetic sense is of importance even if you are not a designer. Everything has a UX. Even written content has UX! So being good enough to create appealing material is of value and need. You should be willing to demonstrate your ability in this as well.

10. Where do you want to see yourself 5 years from now?

This is a question that will gauge your determination and focus. So, be realistic and forward-thinking. Getting to a manager’s role in 5 years is pretty much a reasonable aim. Talk about it. Also, specify in what function of marketing would you wish to be in within the next 5 years. You may also talk about the size of the company that you would like to be in.

11. Given a role in our office, what will you bring to the team?

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This is a very important marketing interview question that you need to get right. There is no running away from this. This is an answer you need to give in detail. You should not only mention your skills but try to demonstrate or quantify each of them. I am a good copywriter, an excellent graphic designer, an intelligent analyst, etc might not do the trick.

You must go a bit deeper and talk about each example: I have great writing skills which I honed in college while I was working on my projects. Based on my writing skills I got an appreciation from my professors.

The more honest you are, the better it will be for you. If you aren’t innately transparent, you can still confess when you don’t possess a certain skill set, yet add that you are willing to learn it.


Different Marketing Managers will test you differently. Unless the requirement is that of a specialist, you should be willing to answer generic questions like the ones above in your interview. On the face of it, being able to articulate all this might seem easy to a few and difficult to others, but it is neither too difficult nor way easy. So be prepared.

These were my 2 cents on the 11 most frequent marketing interview questions asked to freshers. If you want to move in the depth of the topic, you can attend this free Marketing Orientation Session Online.

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