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Google Search like an Expert : 10 Simple Tricks

Google has spent over a decade fine tuning crafty tricks to help you search more efficiently. The question is: are you using Google to the best of your—and its—search abilities? Instead of randomly typing a word or phrase, become a Power searcher and reduce the time to find relevant information. Did you know that even … Read more

My first Entrepreneurship event as an Entrepreneur!

Recently, I attended the most famous Entrepreneurship event in India, TiEcon Delhi 2012. I met global entrepreneurs who have impacted not only the times gone past, but the times we are living and the times to come; who are embracing the change and creating opportunities which are changing the world for good. The event lasted two … Read more

Be a Lifelong Learner

The World is changing, and it’s changing fast! Despite all the expertise, no one has a clue what the next 5 years look like. Education is meant to take us into this future. People of all demographics are gathering their own seeds of education and cultivating lush sets of hybrid tools to deal with the … Read more

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