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Recently, I attended the most famous Entrepreneurship event in India, TiEcon Delhi 2012. I met global entrepreneurs who have impacted not only the times gone past, but the times we are living and the times to come; who are embracing the change and creating opportunities which are changing the world for good. The event lasted two days. Business Leaders and Technocrats from all over the world discussed, debated, agreed, argued, networked – through all forms of media, and disappeared with a promise to meet again next year. There were stories of grit, determination, change, hard work and much more all across. Here are my key learning’s:

A.    Accept and Embrace Change – Change is what Entrepreneurs live by. Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change – this is the rhythm of living. Today’s young tech entrepreneurs are changing the way the world functions. Our whole community of under-35s are attempting to alleviate global poverty, climate change, and even armed conflict through commercial enterprise. Change reflects opportunities, something undiscovered, and something untried.

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B.     Birds-eye Vision – We all get busy and focused on the day-to-day. There are fires to put out, payroll to meet, and customers to satisfy. Many times we are so focused, we get tunnel vision. Tunnel vision is when you are so focused on the here and now that a new competitor comes out of left field and eats your lunch. Tunnel vision is when you wake up one day and suddenly realize something big has changed in the world (like the Internet), and your business is not ready for it. The bottom line is, get a birds-eye vision and strategize from a distance.

C.     We will need new skills that we cannot define – No one knows what the next five years will look like. We need to educate the next generation for skills that we cannot define, to solve problems we are not yet aware of. Education needs to be socially constructed and contextually reinvented instead of being dictated. We need to break the mould of right and wrong, to allow space for creativity and innovation. Technology needs to be widely available instead of being confiscated at the classroom door.

D.    Collaboration is the Key – All of us will work together to form new relationships, establish new audiences, and in most cases, substantially improve the world that we live in. Cross countries, cross sectors, cross organizations. Collaboration is especially important for start ups. Share skills, gain support and reduce isolation; forget building or buying – when partnering is the way to go. That extra set of eyes is the key to establish a birds-eye vision. Collaborate to Grow the Pie, Not Just Split It.  

E.     Strategize to Specialize We will all specialize, grow core competency in our back gardens, mix it with a couple of tablespoon of business skills and will provide client-focused solutions. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow. Today, companies are increasingly turning to providers of outsourced, specialized business services to help them become more efficient and focus on their core offering.

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