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Impact Of User Behavior On SEO Results

User behavior has a huge impact on the SEO ranking of a website. In order to keep maintain the SEO ranking of your website and make your brand noticeable on online forums, understanding your users is very important.

Changes in the algorithms of SEO have focused mainly on the behavior of the user while surfing your website. Though keywords play a vital role, it isn’t the only technique of driving most of the traffic. A keyword is found relevant only if it gets related to the algorithm.

The behavior of the user gets changed constantly, depending upon the growth of the users. As the knowledge of the user grows, they possibly become better researchers with time. This factor plays the role of the game-changer. It is important to be well-versed with how & why behind every keyword. This practice is useful as it reveals how the keyword search of one volume than the other.


1. How Search Engine Works

Search Engines rank all the web pages by using complex algorithms. There are more than 200 search ranking factors, with one basic metric that is user experience without which it is not possible for a marketer to accomplish his/her goal.

It is important to understand how the search engines collect all the data and interpret it accordingly. Understanding modern SEO plays a vital role in long-term sustainability of organic ranking, as they solely depend upon your basic knowledge about Search Engine Optimization algorithms. Algorithms are proprietary in nature. For which, Google has provided users with some inside peeps, reflecting upon the working of search engines and collection of data from users.

This advanced process begins with search spiders that crawl and index web pages. As compared to the figure in 2008, which was 1 trillion in 2013 it reached 30 trillion. This was truly a remarkable hike.

Google has an index similar to a database, where all the upgraded information is stored regarding the individual pages. To keep all the data stored, Google requires 100 million gigabytes or 1000 terabytes.

2. How Search Ranking Gets Affected

Content plays a vital role in online marketing. By regularly adding fresh content to your blog posts, search engines tends to understand more about how users interact with your website. This methodology is another key to improvising Google rankings.

According to the statistic report of Content Marketing Institute, 86% of B2B marketers report using content marketing, whereas 70% of the users are trying to create a unique content as compared to their earlier year’s stats. The content created should be unique as well as engaging, it is one of the major keys that help you survive in the competitive world of digital marketing.

As per the recent data analysis, by creating best quality unique content via blogging websites are able to generate 126% more leads, 97% more inbound links, and a significant rise in revenue.

There is a wide range of metrics that Google uses to gather entire user behavior data on your website, and also teaches the role each metrics with its impacts your search rankings.

a. Click-through rate

b. Navigation path

c. Behavioral data that is influenced by search position

d. How compelling results attract more clicks

3. How to sustain long-term search rankings

Achieving a decent  long-term search ranking is important for most of the marketers. Though, we all are aware of the fact that SEO has changed with time, bu the basic still remain the same. Algorithms might change on a regular basis, but the ultimate purpose of SEO remains the same without any variation in it. The basic requirement for SEO contains; a well optimised web page with engaging, useful, high-quality and unique content.

If you want to achieve a long-term organic search ranking, then paying attention to on-page optimization is the first step towards the same.

Recent research found out that 70% of Google ranking factors are available on-site. This basically means that whatever you do to build links to your site has a very strong impact on the performance of the future search on your website.

Content is the basic key to the success of any SEO campaign. If you are planning to build a successful  online business, it is important for a marketer to attract the qualified clients and customers we attain from search engines. The only key to success is to create and promote the quality content that is relevant for your website.

Enlisted below are the benefits of creating relevant and engaging content:

a).  It drives your blog

b).  Content attracts natural editorial links

c).  Content encourages social signals


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