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The term “Remarketing” means targeting the users who previously visited your site but did not contribute to conversion. This process aids in reconnecting with potential buyers, this process is much more specific and focused. It is channeled towards those who have already displayed an interest in you.


Now why should you target the users again? It is because Remarketing aims at capitalizing on the moment when users are ripe for the picking, (alright, to frame it in a less objectified manner) it is a process of increasing sales activity by targeting users when they’re most likely to contribute in conversion, which is right after they’ve browsed away from your website.

Now this approach is channeled towards a specific crowd, not a scattershot towards everyone. This step is undertaken to bolster sales activity, to get a greater number of registrations and to create brand awareness by being constantly present for the user/users.

Re-Targeting customers is a beneficial aspect as they’re most likely to buy right after navigating away from your page; it caters to a set of customized audiences.
Often referred to as re-targeting, remarketing becomes detrimental in extracting every chance at conversions.
Another alluring aspect is that the reach of such a marketing strategy stretches far and wide due to the vast expanse of the Google Display Network.
Efficient pricing makes it easier for you and your budget, especially with the ease of ad creation. With a wide array of options available, such as creative messages through text ads, there is greater visibility as to where you ads appear. Or you can have Ads in the form of Images/Videos.

We’ll look at the various forms Remarketing takes, at a glance

  • Remarketing for the Display Network– Displays ads to your site for visitors while they browse the web.
  • Remarketing Lists for search ads– matching the ads on your site according to the user’s search query on Google.
  • Remarketing for Mobile Apps – the purpose of this is to reach customers who have frequented specific sections of your mobile app, it will display ads while they use other apps.The purpose of these ads is to generate dynamically created ads relevant to people who visited a specific section of a site.

    Here’s a start-up guide for creating your first basic remarketing campaign.

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