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One of the profound social media platform- Twitter on Monday unveiled desktop notifications for direct messages. This is going to be a handy feature introduced by Twitter for the web interface of users. The desktop notifications for direct messages is going to be an opt-in feature wherein the users can choose to enable it at This feature might not be visible as yet. However, it will appear on the top right corner of the browser window showing the sender’s name and a preview of the message. Upon clicking the notification, users are directed to their direct messages page from where they can read and respond.

Revamp Android App Direct Message Twitter Screenshot1

One of the Twitter spokesperson confirmed an upcoming update for the Twitter app for Android that essentially revamps the direct message feature to boost engagement. The spokesperson said,

“When you share a public tweet in a private Direct Message, you’ll notice the screen where you pick who to send the message looks different. We’ve made the avatars more prominent, and placed your most recent conversations up top. Below your most recent conversations, we suggest more conversations to dive into,” and provided a screenshot of how the feature will look.

Twitter is clearly trying to give direct messages some more priority, boosting the one-on-one aspect of the social network. The desktop notifications rollout follows Twitter’s announcement from a few weeks ago that lifted the 140-character limit from Direct Messages between users.

Back in April, Twitter made it possible for users to receive direct messages from anyone – another opt-in feature. In January, the company revealed Group Direct Messaging.

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