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Public Relation is the most important activity which every company needs to plan in order to maintain their goodwill among the audience. It is the way in which organisations, companies, etc. communicate with their target audience.

Companies connect directly or indirectly with their audience through media to create a strong relationship with them. The webinar on ”The Perfect Recipe for Digital PR” states the essential ingredients for PR and what is the process for perfect PR. This webinar was led by Dr. Som Singh, Founder and Chief Marketing Advisor at Unspun Consulting Group. In her initial years, she committed herself to learning the nuances of marketing, technology built on my domain expertise by working for different companies. After that, she began her journey as a woman entrepreneur.

She is passionate about life, she has tremendous passion towards supporting the growth of more entrepreneurs in India. She explains in the webinar about the content tools, free tools and paid tools which can help in PR.

One will get good insight from the webinar recording shared below:

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