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Top 8 Highest Paying Jobs In India

Did you recently get to know about the position of an SEO Executive? Or perhaps you found it on the list of top paying jobs at the moment. In any case, I am here to tell you everything that you need to know about an SEO executive; his skills, salary and responsibilities.

SEO stands for Search Engine optimization. It is simply a technique to improve the visibility of a web page or website on Search Engines. This technique helps to increase the number of visitors it receives through searches on search engines such as google, bing, duck duck go etc.

Who is a SEO Executive? 


A SEO Executive simply a person who helps companies to improve their websites and increase the number of visitors it receives organically via searches made on search engines.

The main focus of SEO Executive is to make a website or a web page rank as high as possible in the search engine results page. Search engine Results Pages are commonly called as SERPS.  That’s the acronym I’ll be using from now on. 

SEOs work on developing different categories of content that range from awareness level to commercial in nature. This is done to boost conversions.  

Saying this, the role of an SEO executive is not the same as it used to be in the past. It has changed a lot since its inception of this discipline.The list of responsibilities of an SEO Executive was very limited in the past. But they have grown a lot with the improvement of internet in the recent years.

SEO in the past had only a few responsibilities such as keyword research, on-page keyword targeting, link-building, directory listings and making submissions.

Today, even when you have to do some of these tasks, the role of an SEO Executive has become a lot more advanced. You will be working in a fast moving industry that is highly demanding. A lot of technology is involved in today’s SEO, so you will have to be a lover of technology to succeed.

Role of an SEO Executive

Role of SEO is not defined by any hard and fast rule. The role may depend on the company they work in. Some roles that SEOs are made to do include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Analyzing the ongoing keywords, by using various keyword research tools.
  2. Performing various tests, analyzing the data of the website.
  3. Optimizing the landing pages.
  4. Implementing various link building strategies and SEO recommendations on a daily basis so as to direct maximum traffic to the company website.
  5. Limiting duplicate content and being listed in directions and keep your content up to the latest requirements of the market.
  6. Preparing for running PPC campaigns.
  7. Assisting the content team for best quality and most informative SEO content.
  8. Contributing to the company’s blog.
  9. Keeping updated with Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
  10. Paying attention towards Google Algorithmic changes.

What else can an SEO Executive do?

The SEO field is not a static discipline. SEO algorithms and rules change all the time. Well trained SEO Executive need to be familiar with the changes and adjust their SEO campaigns accordingly.       

SEO Executive as a Career Path


The role of SEO Executive is available to all graduates, but the field may be a much smoother if you have a degree in Marketing, Business or IT. While SEO has proved its worth in terms of being a promising career platform, freshers are realizing the true potential of this sector & are moving towards it. 

It is one of the most competitive and promising professions in the world today. With market rivalry stiffening, every industry is swinging to Search Engine Optimization Executives to identify new markets and open undisclosed doors for their products and services. 

SEO Executive is the most important position for any online business execution. He/she can find a job in any organization. As it has emerged as one of the hottest career opportunities,  demand for this job profile is growing very fast.

Great part of this profession is that you don’t need very high qualifications, but what you need is logic, common sense, patience and dedication.

You will have to start as an intern, move to an executive’s role and finally work as a Project Manager or an SEO Manager depending on the type of company you choose. 

The Agency side of SEO is different from that of a brand side. You might need some great communication, interpersonal and project management skills to succeed as an Agency SEO guy.  

Skills of SEO Executive


The skill-set for SEO Executive is typically very broad. An SEO Executive can come from a variety of backgrounds. He might have been hired as a graduate or an intern and may have had any other junior roles or internships.  

Internships are an important manner of developing fundamental SEO skills. Most significantly it increases your employability. Working as an SEO Executive is a good start for career. This only if you are passionate about marketing, websites, and writing, and blogging, analytics and learning innovative skills. 

The skills of Executive are regarded as the most important building blocks in the SEO field. It is essential that the sound knowledge of each skill needs to increase with career progression.

Some of the key skills that SEO executives must have are as listed below: 

  • Strong time management 
  • Ability to prioritize the work
  • Good understanding of PR to send an enticing message to the customer’s 
  • At least one or two years experience in the path of SEO/SEM
  • Good understanding of using various tools such as Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Ability to use SEO tools such as AHREFS, SEMrush or ubersuggest 
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Acceptable analytical skills 
  • Awesome Copywriting skills
  • Understanding of HTML 
  • Good command over excel

On the other hand, we can say that these relevant skills, experiences and high level technical abilities are the most essential things you must have in this field. Relevant experience and technical skills play a very crucial role in career development. 

Everyone organization benefits from increased technical skills, businesses get more productive, multifunctional workers and employees gain marketable skills and feel more engaged.

SEO Executive Salary


SEO Executives are in a great demand. Their high demand makes way for handsome salary packages. As things stand today, 85% of top associations consider SEO Executive as a most important employ for business execution. 

On the other hand we can say that the salary of SEO Executive depends on a lot of factors. Mostly the salary of a SEO Executive will depends on his expertise, job location and the size of the organization. 

However, it is an obvious fact that the average salary may vary from one industry to another, and from one person to the other.

For example, when you sit for a job interview, upon selection and final recruitment, the offer made it you are the amount in consideration of various factors like the level of organization in terms of revenue, personnel, your  technical skills, degree, relevant experience, projects undertaken or targets achieved, etc.

All these factors add up to the minimum salary of SEO Executive. The average salary ranges between 25 – 35k for freshers. With experience it is going to increase and a person can earn up to 6-10 lacs yearly in India. As a head of SEO, a person may earn upto 1 lac per month.  At the same time, freelancing will be able to give a lot more earning potential. 

SEO Executive Job Openings 

Based on some reports, it is estimated that the monthly job openings in the SEO field is around 15,000 in India. Since the SEO industry is going to grow further, the job openings are going to increase as well. 

Learning SEO 


So, if all that you read about SEO is exciting you to start learning SEO, you should take a cautious path. The internet provides a plethora of information and you may be pushed to learn SEO without being mentored. 

Without a guided program, you will be wandering and gaining a lot of information which is neither verified nor applicable directly. So, taking an SEO course or a Digital Marketing Course is the best way to go about it. But you should focus on taking up a program which focuses on hands-on learning. 


Among the fresh career options for tech-savvy youth Digital Marketing & SEO are great career options. These fields help you earn well, relax and more importantly allow you to work from anywhere. In such a job profile, nothing matters and no location becomes a hurdle unless you are cut off from the internet.

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