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With the increasing number of smartphones, the number of apps is also at its rise. More so, the apps are available for anything and everything. As per a recent news, it has come across that there is a new social polling application or app as it is popularized as that may help you to choose your most likeable holiday destination, movie preference and many more other questions that arise in one’s mind each day.0124-innovation-capplife_full_600

The social polling app namely Whatsay is a combination of the former as well as visual images. Herein, the networking and fetching quick responses is feasible either through a community or a close-knit group of friends. Company’s Co-founder said:

“Whatsay is a social polling app that makes polls lively and fun to share. It is the perfect mobile companion for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.”



He additionally stated “Create a poll on Whatsay and immediately tweet it, share it on your Facebook wall or to a WhatsApp group.”

This app has been developed by an Indian start-up Neuv Pvt. Ltd. and allows the users to create and send visual polls across 25 categories to their friends through the social media platforms viz. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Gmail.

Whatsay app is readily available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

“Whatsay is made in India and it demonstrates out-of-the-box thinking which is required to create powerful social platforms that rival global companies,” said co-founder Sridhar Gadhi.

The polls and poll results can be instantaneously shared on the aforesaid social media platforms viz. WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail and Twitter. Moreover, these polls can also be embedded into any website or blog. Interestingly, the users without the app can readily participate in the shared poll.

This app will turn out to be beneficial not only to the consumers but also to the businesses. Herein, the later will reap benefits from the mobilefirst platform wherein they can engage and get the feedback from their users on mobile in an interesting way.

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