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From being the luxurious asset, mobile phones have now become the need of the hour. From anyone to everyone, mobiles are accessible to everyone. This is the prime reason why the importance of mobiles is increasing at a fast pace.

There are certain trends analyzed based on the usage of mobile phones by the users in India. After the number of accessing social media apps on mobile phones, the second most sought-after use is to access e-commerce portals. In the year 2014, e-commerce finally came into its own in the country; 2015 thus promises to be the year of the mobile shopping app. Indian shoppers are majorly relying on mobile apps to make their online purchases. This is feasible due to the all-time easy access of smartphones that have seen an explosive growth in penetration.

The number of Indian smartphone shopping app users has jumped to 54% in May 15, from just 21% a year ago, according to new data.

India Smartphone User Panel
Nielson Informate Mobiel Insights- India Smartphones Users Panel

Interestingly, it is during the sale offers that the purchases happen more via these mobile apps. Especially, with the festive season round the corner and public holidays too falling, aggressive app launches and promotions have readily reinforced the growing trend. Ironically, it was presumed during the early days of online commerce that women will more likely be adapting to mobile shopping. While, actually quite recently a few months ago, it came across that it was men who were driving the adoption and growth in mobile shopping.

The data from real-time smartphone usage tracking provides insights on consumption patterns of smartphone users and reveals some unexpected facts about the reach of mobile shopping in India.This could be attributed to two key factors: the male appetite for technology and the fact that men are often the ones who make the payment.

This brings light to a major factor that mobile applications are turning out to be a great source of monetization. Going by the trends, there lies a huge scope in generating income through mobile apps.

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