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Social Media Marketing or SMM as it is popularly known as is the platform on which social interactions are done. Without social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram etc., life seems incomplete. Also, these aforementioned social media platforms readily enable marketers to perform brand promotion via social media marketing campaigns.

To perform social media marketing appropriately and effectively, there are certain tools which are enlisted below:



One of the most widely used software applications for scheduling posts on future dates on major social media platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus is Buffer.


Hootsuite is yet another comprehensive social media publishing tool that came into existence in the year 2008. This tool primarily helps to send messages from a single platform, streamline posts, schedule tweets and get free reports via email.

Facebook Power Editor


Facebook Power Editor is a social media tool, specifically used for Facebook and is an inbuilt tool which is useful for running more than one Facebook Ads Campaign.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is undoubtedly the most widely and commonly used web analytics tool which is free to use.  Besides tracking analytics data, this tool also helps in generating and tracking detailed statistics of social media traffic on website.



Bitly is that tool which is leveraged upon to shorten the URL links of websites. Primarily, this tool is used in emails, social networking, SMS etc. It helps to accelerate the company’s brand awareness and track the marketing metrics.



SocialMention is a popularized free social media marketing tool that readily allows the user to track and measure the performance of any company, product etc. on the basis of Strenth, Sentiment, Passion and Reach.



As the name suggests, TweetDeck is the social media management dashboard used for management of Twitter posts. It primarily helps to schedules tweets at a future date.



A campaign building tool, ShortStack is specifically for the social media platform- Facebook and enables to generate leads by running promotional content with a view to increase revenue.



A time-saving social media marketing tool, SocialOomph helps to increase the money flow by enabling Twitter keyword alerts on mail.



A tool that allows to assess the presence of a particular company along with that of the competitor is HowSociable. It displays the scores for different social media platforms by enabling the user to focus on particularly those social media platforms that need further development.


This tool allows the user to generate leads via an online contact building form that adds contact forms to Facebook pages.


Yet another social media marketing tool enables the users to see what is being said about the user’s company is



A social media analytics tracking tool, Topsy allows the user to search the tweets by time & place and analyse the sentiments of every single tweet.

Just Unfollow


Interestingly, this social media marketing tool allows the user to track Twitter and Instagram followers, thus enabling to expand the network on these two social media platforms.



One can use this tool to make simple designs viz. Facebook cover pages, posters, graphics for blogs, presentations, flyers and much more.

Tweet Archivist


This unique tool majorly helps to save the tweets before they disappear. So, if anyone is accessing this tool, then surely now tweet is going to be missed out.



This social media marketing tool enables the user to fetch the results from more than 150 million websites and other sources such as blogs, forums, photos, video sharing sites etc.

Advanced Twitter Search


An inbuilt Twitter tool, Advanced Twitter Search readily helps the user to find latest news and events happening in and around the world, at a faster pace.



It helps to design and promote Facebook apps, by simplifying the process of social media marketing and engaging more customers on different social media channels.



Counted upon as an extremely useful social media tool, Followerwonk allows the users to find influencers on Twitter.

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