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Search engine optimization or SEO as it is popularized as is simply the process of ensuring that based on the visibility of relevant words and phrases, a website can be found on the search engine platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. The ultimate concept of SEO is striving to get high ranking for the website, thus making it easier for the search engines to understand and trace the content.

With a view to stay at the top of the SERP’s, the websites must have substantial elements. So, to stay ahead of other websites, it is essential to have knowledge of top search engine optimization (SEO) tools and successfully achieve the goal of attaining high website traffic. Enlisted below are the tools, categorized under various sub-heads:

Keyword Research Tools

Google AdWords Keyword Planner1

Google AdWords Keyword Planner helps in estimating traffic for keyword, developing new keywords list based on initial keywords and/or by combination of different keyword lists.


UbberSuggest is created by an Italian SEO professional and is a free keyword suggestion tool, that helps in leveraging Google suggest and other suggest services.

BuzzStream Meta Tag Extractor3

BuzzStream is a great tool to extract title tags, keywords and meta description.

Keyword Eye4

Keyword research is a free tool that helps in brainstorming keywords for PPC and/or SEO campaigns and identifies what people are looking for in their respective fields.

Content Tools

Copyscape is a plagiarism checking tool, which keeps a check on a plagiarised (copied) content on your web pages.


Siteliner keeps a check on duplicate content, broken links, skipped pages, XML sitemaps, internal page rank etc. and serves to be an effective tool for keeping a check on not just a single webpage but on multiple pages.


Acting as an interpreter, SEO-Browser tool provides an opportunity to the user to analyze how search engine interprets your webpage.

Technical Tools

Google Webmaster Tools8

Google Webmaster Tool is a free tool, which allows webmasters/web developer to keep a stringent check on webpage’s indexing and helps them in optimizing it.

Advanced Meta Tag Generator & Google Search Results Preview9

This tool allows the user to download the screenshot of the search list (generated through the tool), which further helps him/her developing strategies and works as a report.

Google Developer PageSpeed Insights10

Google Developer PageSpeed Insights measures the performance of a webpage on a scale of 0 to 100 points. A webpage gaining more than 85 points is considered to be running smoothly, as per this tool.


GTmetrix measures webpage’s performance based on the information, taken from PageSpeed and YSlow.

Pingdom Website Speed Tool12

Pingdom Website Speed Tools helps in measuring the performance of a webpage by keeping a check of loading time of all the web pages.


Feethebot is a free tool and a combination of myriad tools, which further analyze webpage’s performance.

Live HTTP Header (For Firefox)14

This is a Firefox add-on tool, which allows you to see HTTP header of a page, even while browsing.

URI Valet15

URI Valet is altogether a combination of 10 structured tools, which further helps in technical audits, site review, etc.


This tool has a great feature of not just generating robot.txt files at a faster pace, but also allows them to exclude those areas of the webpage, which user don’t wish to get crawled by the search engines.

Schema Creator17

In an organization schema, this tools work as a helping hand for SEOs and Web Developers as it provides them the access to mark-up the information on their site, which is further referenced by search engines.

XML Sitemap Inspector18

XML Sitemap Inspector instructs search engines to index that area of your webpage which you wish them to index, through robot.txt file.

Site Condor19

Site Condor tool is used for extracting on-page data, doing analysis of aggregated results and keep a check on how crawling should run.

Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit20

Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit provides detailed report of the SEO audit and helps in analyzing web pages and identifying areas of web pages, which can be further be optimized and help in enhancing the traffic.

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