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Follow your heart, but do not forget your mind at home. All you need to do is, to set a parameter of success for yourself. The webinar leader Khyati Mehra Sharma followed her dream of becoming an entrepreneur through Khyatiworks, without quitting over her standard job to earn bread and butter.

She made a mention of the following questions during the webinar, which you can also find in the recording of the session.

1. What is that one thing (could be a hobby or an idea) that makes me feel alive? Something you can imagine doing even after 30 years with equal zeal?

2. What is that one thing about it that makes you stand out, for example: if someone loves crafting, how is that person’s crafting product different from others?

3. Who is your target audience? Who do you see buying the product/idea?
4. Now imagine a scenario where the response from buyers is not like you expected – what is the first thought that comes to your mind?

  • I was wrong, should change
  • I am very sure of my work, but the world demands something else so I am going to change
  • I know this is the way to go and can visualize my future, I need to keep trying and reaching the right audience

5. Imagine if you do not make as much money out of your venture for some initial years, what is that thought that comes to you?

  • This was a wrong decision
  • This is something l love to do and nothing can change that. I am willing to continue and follow my dream till it gets its deserved place

Khyati Mehra Sharma successfully covered her path, even after walking on the two roads simultaneously. As, she was crazy about her love for software, coding and writing logic. She is also a successful entrepreneur, at the Founder of Khyatiworks a perfect online portal for all the art-lovers.

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