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Great news for Android users in India! Now, they can easily access Google Maps offline. Yes! Sounds queer? But, that’s what is going to happen very soon. Search engine giant Google globally began to roll out this feature sometime in the previous week itself. While, this feature is most likely to be accessible to iOS devices in India very soon.

Googlemaps Kltg

At present, only Android devices in India have been obliged with the feature of navigating Google Maps offline. To access this feature, Android users can download map data for following:

  • certain specified areas and while on the road
  • for some specific destinations
  • to find information about places
  • receive turn-by-turn instructions that too even in areas without a data connection.

The aforesaid features have been introduced keeping in view the fact that earlier users could only get access to view a specific area of the map in the offline mode.

On this new introduction, Suren Ruhela, Director, Google Maps quoted:

“Having a spotty internet connection shouldn’t mean you miss your next turn. With the launch of these new offline features, like turn by turn navigation and the ability to search for places, we hope it will be easier for people in India to find their way using Google maps”

Now, it can be rightly said that Google Maps can readily switch between online as well as offline modes, thus giving access to the facility in either of the situation. This will enable users to be well versed with the live traffic conditions of the routes that they have to tread on. Herein, the maps will be downloaded by default only when the device is connected to WiFi, stated Suren.

To bridge this, a strategy called offline-first mobile development is becoming a trend globally, where mobile developers are encouraged to prioritise users who do not have constant connections.

Treading on the same path, travel-planning website Holiday IQ also readily offers offline facility to travelers that enable them to view content without internet connectivity.

Image Credits: livemint

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