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With the current Internet userbase of 375 million users, India is likely to touch the benchmark of 400 million users by December, suggests a report by IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India). Internet 480

Precisely, the report by IAMAI and IMRB International collectively substantiates that the number of internet users in India is anticipated to touch the mark of 402 million by December. The statistics were shared earlier this week by the two eminent institutions, after assessing the trend of internet usage by Indian users.

Moreover, the spokesperson from IAMAI- Nilotpal Chakravarti stated that amongst the stated number of users, the agency has calculated that as many as 375 million shall be unique internet users. Furthermore, from amongst them 276 million internet users accessed internet via mobile phone devices.

A month ago, on 17th October, the statistical implications as shared by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India reflected that India had 117.34 million broadband users in August, of which 100.88 million were users of mobile phones and dongles.

Here is what IAMAI & IMRB quoted in a statement:

“While Internet in India took more than a decade to move from 10 million to 100 million and three years from 100 million to 200 million, it took only a year to move from 300 million to 400 million users. Clearly, Internet is main stream in India today. And, the large internet users base is definitely a good news for the overall growth of the digital industry.”

Broadband internet speeds is counted at 512 kbps or more. This year’s growth was 49 per cent more than 2014. This number is expected to further surge to 462 million by June next year with more people coming online, especially through their mobile devices, it said.

Image Credits: indianexpress

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