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If you’re just starting your AdWords journey, here is a descriptive guide on how to plan and create a successful campaign.

First of all, Building a successful Google AdWords strategy is just like building anything – it starts with a solid foundation. You should know what you want, who you want to target, what is your key selling point, what you want to achieve from the campaign. Demographics and psychographics would immensely aid in getting across the right message to the right target audience at the right time.

So let’s get down to it! Grab a pen and notepad and follow along as we walk you through the important factors that make up a successful Google AdWords campaign from scratch.

Important factor #1: Understand your Target market

It kind of goes without saying, but if you’re running highly targeted ad campaigns you need to know the customers you’re trying to reach.

List out all important demographics of your target customers such as :

  • Are they in a specific location?

  • Are they businesses, individuals or families?

  • Would they be searching for you on mobile, or from a laptop?

  • What level of knowledge do they have about your products?

  • What do they want right now, when they are searching for you?

Important factor #2 : Establish a Powerful USP

Your USP, or unique selling proposition, is what differentiates your business from your competitors and gives your prospects a compelling reason to choose you. In other words, your USP answers the question “Why should I, your prospect, choose to do business with you, versus any and every other option, including doing nothing?”

Important factor #3 : Create an Irresistible Offer

Like any good marketing campaign, you need to create or solve a problem. You also need to show why your business is the best at getting the desired results for your customer. And how can you stand out from all the other ads your prospect is going to see in the search results?

Important factor #4 : Choosing the Right Keywords

Use the Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool ( to find a relevant set of keywords. Once in possession of the keywords, reanalyze them, the aim is to generate specific terms not generic terms. If you’re selling a designer button down silk shirt then having “shirts” as a keyword will not suffice as the result will be lost among a myriad of generic shirts not made of silk.

Limiting the number of keywords is a good practice because you do not want your campaign to seem haphazard and cluttered. Keep the same type of keywords together in one ad group.

For an Ad Group under the name of “Coffee Table” your list of keywords could be “buy coffee tables”, “affordable coffee tables”.
Now let’s acquaint you with how an AdWords campaign is structured, but before that it’s trivia time:

Google AdWords allows 10,000 campaigns per account.

20,000 Ad Groups per campaign

50 text ads per Ad group


Important factor #5 : Structuring your AdWords campaign

With structure in mind, we want to closely link the keyword to the product. If you’re selling phone covers then ‘tomato’ won’t be the keyword of choice (Duh, right?).

Selling phone covers would entail something general like ‘phone covers and then a specific term like ‘Durable Phone covers’ or ‘anti-slip phone covers’ ‘anti-shock phone covers’ further sieving out results which don’t provide ‘anti-slip’ and ‘anti-shock’ covers. These related keywords go into the ad group which can fall under the campaign “Covers”.



If more mobile phone accessories are sold by the very same company, the those products can be launched through another campaign under the name say “portable charger” with a different set of keywords for the ad group.

Technically you can have 20,000 ad groups in a campaign but as the number of ad groups increases, account management can become quite laborious and irksome. The number of ad groups will depend on how granular you want your account structure to be.

Important factor #6: Budgeting

Reverting back to basics again, let’s stress upon the importance of budgeting. A daily budget has to be set, say of Rs.10, 000. You won’t be shelling out cash every time there’s a hit on the adwords ad; instead Google manages the budget and does not exceed it.

Now if your site creates a mass frenzy and the budget is exhausted within an hour then there is a provision for the budget to be scattered across throughout the day, ensuring round the clock presence.
Now here come the details for ad word limit (alright, trivia time again)


The first line, the title in blue, of the Ad limits the usage of characters to 25 characters. Your first chance to attract the eye, this emblazoned-in-blue title will determine whether the search has been adequately fulfilled.

Display URL


The second line AKA the display URL will redirect you to the destination URL. Character limit of 35 characters.

Description Lines

The second last and last line are for descriptive purposes, having a character limit of 35 characters, it is here that you need a stroke of creativity. These two lines need to be as informative as informative can be. The details represented here may end up being the determining factor, whether it’ll receive a click response or not. These two lines need to have an alluring aspect to it, if I’m selling phone covers then I need these two lines to carry out the appeal to compel browsers to click.
Here’s a mock up if what the end result should look like.

Anti-Shock Covers [Sample]
For all IPhones and Androids
10% off on 2 covers, order online!

So, with this ad you not only conveyed your phone covers are anti-shock, but also conveyed its availability across phone variants under Apple and Android and also transmitted the alluring aspect of a discount on two covers (Lord knows we love a good deal). Try to cover as many bases and aspects as possible to allure the eye.

There you have it, now you’re on your way to launch and propel your AdWords campaign, optimize and analyse decisions every step of the way. Patience is the name of the game, analyse, reanalyse and then implement. Go forth and get noticed.


DAI Team

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