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You must now have a considerable amount of knowledge about AdWords and the concept of AdWords. To generate even more optimum efficiency we can link AdWords to Google Analytics. Before venturing deep down into Analytics, let’s build up a working knowledge about the new dimension which Google analytics provides.

To begin with, Analytics refers to analysis i.e. analysis of customer activity which would include multiple aspects such as; how much traffic or sale is generated from AdWords.

You can perceive this as a website statistic service which measures conversions and sales. Basically, Analytics would further accentuate the efficiency of your AdWords campaign by giving you manageable statistical data which would assist in shaping your marketing strategy; every step of the way.

It allows you to adapt according to the changes represented by the analyzed data. Safe to say AdWords and Analytics go hand in hand, like milk and cookies, like burgers and fries, like fried chicken (well fried chicken goes very well by itself, but you get the picture). Analytics and AdWords go hand in glove to overcome the conundrum of cumbersome analysis.

Analytics comes with a chock-full of goodies mainly in the data visualization tools department, such as scorecards, motion charts, email based sharing and communication and integration with other Google products, like the affiliation in question; AdWords.

It keeps changing over time. according to your needs to provide a full customer picture.

Without further delay; Here are the steps to get your AdWords account linked to Analytics

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