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Search engine giant Google will now be cashed upon to keep a check on your weight. Yes! you read it right! Now, Google will not only be relied upon for searching the relevant information, news or images, but it will now be of utmost help to keep a strict check on your weight.

As per the recent news feed, it has come across that Google will most likely be developing an artificial intelligence project that will surely help to identify the pictures of food posted on the social media channel, Instagram that will put forth the information on the number of calories in that meal.


As per the report by Popular Science, Google researcher Kevin P Murphy has stated that the project that works through the ‘sophisticated deep learning algorithms to analyze a still-photo of food, and estimate how-many calories are on the plate.’

In one such example, the system looked at an image and counted ‘two eggs, two pancakes and three strips of bacon.’ Even though these food stuffs are not universal units of measurement, the system could gauge the size of each piece of food in relation to the plate, along with any condiments as well.

Murphy stated that:

“To me it’s obvious that people really want this and this is really useful.” He agrees that the AI may not get the calorie content correct in the first few attempts but it will improve when more people use it and share the results. Murphy did not share details as to when the new tool will be available.

During the presentation, he also made a mention that “We semi-automate. If it only works 30 percent of the time, it’s enough that people will start using it, we’ll collect data, and it’ll get better over time”. Users can correct the software as well if they go wrong identifying certain foods for example, if it confuses  fried eggs for poached eggs. If you like to feel a actual gambling atmosphere you can play live dealer baccarat online. It implies you will play with a real dealer and different players via camera. Discover the top live baccarat casinos at website those platforms are reviewed and licensed.

Murphy does not aim to shame users with the new system but wants to simply the ‘process of keeping a food diary and identifying foods’. This turns out to be much easier than manually feeding information to a food app which includes portions of food, type of food and so on.

It is believed that Im2Calories can be popular, specifically in the US as obesity remains a crisis. Even if Im2Calories is never completely accurate, Murphy thinks that the new system will have an impact.

Image Credits: latinoshealth

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