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Content writing is an excellent and one of the most prevalent ways of making money. It can be understood as the type of writing that fills websites, web pages, blogs, etc. on the web.

It aids companies to design powerful landing pages, channelize persuasive email marketing campaigns, and optimize their brands through interesting, engaging, attractive and persuasive copywriting.

Many companies, website owners and internet marketers hire writers to produce content for their sites, blogging platforms, article directories, and more.

If you have good command over the English language, and interested in writing content, then making a career with freelance content writing jobs is surely the right way!

Moreover, mark my words- “Content writing can let you be a millionaire, you only need to command the language and have the zeal to be as innovative as possible & equally creative too”.

Wondering where to find online content writing jobs? – This article will let you know everything from A to Z of Content Writing jobs from home.

Before going into details, let me just give you a glimpse of some good options that you may want to consider for freelance content writing jobs-

  • Writing Companies
  • Online Writing Job Boards
  • Freelance Sites
  • Classified Sites
  • Internet Marketing Companies
  • Freelance Writing Job Portals, etc.

The Emergence of Freelance Content Writing Jobs and Services

As far back as the effect of SEO has reached the ears of internet marketers, they have acknowledged the importance of keywords in search engine optimization and search marketing.

Since then, the content has been one of the most fundamental factors letting sites rank high in the SERPs of famous search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

The perfect blending of imagination and creativity is the key of intense, interactive and conversion oriented content marketing, which has been (and will without a doubt be) a standout amongst the most critical elements of effective, results-driven internet marketing campaigns.

With this, the need of quality writers has always been emergent all across the globe, which has created a booming market for those who could write articles, press releases, SEO Content, blogs, web pages, and other kinds of content needed for internet marketing and copywriting.

Nowadays, if you go online and search, you will quite easily see a flood of freelance content writing job opportunities that provide you with an opportunity to earn great money while working from home.

In case, you are amongst those who cannot join mainstream full-time jobs and wish to earn money, going for freelance content writing as a career option would for sure be one of the most prudent and lucrative options for you.

In order to take their first content writing job, an amateur content writer needs to be aware of following three essential requirements of content writing domain-

  1. You have to be computer savvy and well aware of your area of expertize.
  2. You need to be fully sure about the deadlines and you have to be prompt with your content submissions.
  3. You must aim for quality content and have a strong hold over the technical and creative side of your blogging language.

Different types of content writing jobs are also available for you, and some of them are:

Types of Freelance Content Writing Jobs

  • Article Writing Jobs
  • Blogs Posts
  • Sales Copy
  • Guest Blogging
  • Newsletters
  • White Papers
  • Press Releases
  • Web Content
  • Copywriting
  • Technical Writing

Dipping feet first to test the water before you fully commit is a great way to see if freelance writing is really what you want and that’s why let’s go through following 15 tips to get best freelance content writing jobs-

15 Tips to get best Freelance Content Writing Jobs

1. Build your portfolio & use Social Media as Marketing Platform

  • For budding new freelance writers, it is important to attract clients and the best way for this is to have a portfolio that highlights your best-written works.
  • Guest posts, blogs and doing pro bono work in your communities will aid you to make your convincing profile. Let your offline work get published online.
  • For many new freelance writers, the easiest way to let everyone know you are a ‘freelance writer for hire’ is to set up social profiles on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn.

2. Intelligently use cold pitching & try to pitch to job boards ad

  • Cold pitching can be understood as when you contact bloggers, companies, entrepreneurs, small businesses or startups as a freelance writer to let them know about you.
  • You only need to locate companies available to cold pitch to and social profiles like Twitter & LinkedIn can let you know about such companies.
  • In your pitch, let them know who you are, how you knew them and how your content can help them.
  • Some job boards like Problogger, Blogging Pro etc. are some of the job boards that you can also use to start your pitching. The bonus of using job boards over a freelance market place like Upwork or Odesk is, there you will not need to involve in bidding.

3. Look locally for clients and selective hunting on job boards will aid you in this

  • This is a great way to score awesome writing gigs. Through local businesses, the writer can easily get a handful of clients with one pitch.
  • Searching local website development agencies would be beneficial for you to land consistent online content writing work with a handful of high paying clients.
  • Selective hunting and going to job boards where top paying clients go will for sure let you grab more profitable writing projects.
  • Good writers can easily get writing projects that start around 50$/blog from job boards like Blogging Pro, Allindiewriters, Content, etc.

4. Following Tweets of Job boards as Twitter is a great platform to find freelance writing jobs

  • For a content writer job, it is a must that you follow Tweets from job boards. Social media can be a goldmine for landing best writing gigs.
  • Twitter is one of the most powerful places to find some of the best freelance writing jobs quickly and additionally, it is a great way to build professional relationships with high paying clients.
  • By following certain freelance writing job boards such as @Write_Jobs, @WhoPaysWriters, you can easily remove out your dry spell and get best-suited freelance writing jobs. Content Writing Job Boards on Twitter.


5. Ask around and let others know that now you are completely into freelance content writing services

  • Asking your family, friends and other professional mates that you are into freelance writing will for sure help you establish your brand in your known network.
  • Doing this will help you secure your first writing samples as a freelance writer. By letting co-workers of your last company know about you will also help you get your first writing project.
  • Creating business cards and let companies that are in your locality know about you will also help you grab some of the best writing projects at the very starting of your freelance writing career.

6. You should also try to have a professional looking website of your own and do self-branding as an expert

  • One of the most effective ways to attract high-paying clients is to use your own website to promote yourself in a content writer job.
  • For a professional looking website, you need to have the backup of a good work record; therefore, if you are just starting out in freelance writing, this may not be the best option for you.
  • To get the best rates for blogs and articles, using the website will for sure the best route to go. To ramp up your freelance writing business, you can use a self-hosted WordPress site to have a writer website for you. Kate Muller – Freelance Content Writer, Blogger & Digital Media Journalist.


7. Start guest posting for free and it will for sure pay off quite well

  • Writing free can also pay off and the best and quickest way to do this is guest posting. You can do guest posting on some popular sites to let your work be noticed by hundreds and thousands of people.
  • Do not get surprised if one of those viewers becomes your potential client. Once you build your profile, using guest posting will help you have a noticeable portfolio.
  • To get the best guest posting jobs you can do Google search like “niche +write for us” and get some of the best freelance writing works. Adding author bio at the end of your guest post will also help you score some great points. 


8. Build a network with other freelance writers and make indirect approaches through warm pitching

  • Networking with other freelance writers also helps you make good relationships with those who are active in freelance content writing.
  • This helps you get some best writing projects and some of the times, when your network member needs another writer for any writing project, you can get benefited with some well-suited writing projects.
  • To land a quality-writing gig, warm pitching is also effective. Warm pitching centres around creating relationships with brands and businesses.
  • While cold pitching is a direct way of influencing clients, warm pitching is an indirect way of doing the same thing. This involves following businesses in your niche on social profiles and engaging with their social posts.


Warm pitching examples in content writing

9.  Let your prospects know that you are for hire

  • You can easily do this by using your social profiles and LinkedIn is the best social media platform to do this.
  • You need to advertise yourself that you are for hire as this will let your prospects know you have time to take on more clients or not.
  • Other freelance writers also get to know that you are for hire and they may consider you to share some profits by working with them in some of their writing projects.
  • Other writers in your network may also refer you to some prospects that are in need of writers. And all this can happen because of the “For Hire” signature.

10. Visit local web design, digital and content marketing companies

  • Meeting local companies of your niche is another great way to land consistent work.
  • Contacting your local printing, web design, internet and content marketing companies will help you get some best freelance content writing jobs.
  • Visiting web design and development companies also help you land some best copywriting projects.
  • Such companies have a full roster of clients that need web content that will help you have a consistent amount of writing projects with you.

11. Join entrepreneurial Facebook groups and use sites that may pay you for your story

  • You can get some of the most profitable writing gigs on Facebook and for this; you only need to know groups that are associated with Freelance content writing jobs.
  • There are several entrepreneurial Facebook groups like Blogger2Business, The Entrepreneur Incubator, etc. that will help in boosting your career as freelance content writing jobs.
  • Writing for publications and selling stories can also be a lucrative option for freelance writers. There are online libraries that accept your story and pay you for your story submission.

12. If you have landed a few clients, ask for referrals

  • To ask referrals, you need to have a client already, and if you have/had a client, it is going to be very beneficial for you to ask for referrals.
  • You can email a client, use social media (mainly LinkedIn) to contact your clients and ask for referrals.
  • If your clients are quality clients then with the confidence they will for sure refer you to another quality client and help you get some best writing projects.

13. Use job boards of LinkedIn to get best Freelance Content Writing Jobs

  • LinkedIn has a job board that will for sure help you get some best clients to land great content writing projects.
  • On LinkedIn, you need to go to their job board and put in your job “writer” as this will let you see many pop-ups related to your niche
  • LinkedIn also provides you with the facility to offer warm pitch or cold pitch approach. LinkedIn also provides the best opportunity to build professional relationships. LinkedIn content writing job board


14. Try to be in constant touch with a Content Agency

  • Try to be in constant touch with some high-value content agencies, as this will let you land a consistent amount of content writing works.
  • Working with a content agency is quite advantageous in ensuring better pays, better training, 1:1 support and building relationships with other content agencies.
  • Being in touch with content marketing companies is also quite beneficial for content writers who are well versed with the digital marketing field.
  • Using freelance writer directory will also aid you to grab some best-suited content writing jobs.

15. Get serious about Freelance writing as you are on the way to becoming a highly paid writer today

  • Freelance content writing jobs are amongst one of the most profitable career options in today’s time and being serious and excelling your writing expertize will for sure help you grab best writing projects.
  • Content is base of a successful digital marketing campaign. If you let your clients’ site rank high and enjoy conversions through your content, this will for sure enhance trust building and let your clients and you make more money.
  • Designing content that ensures easy uploading, readability and interesting experience to engage and convert readers will let you earn a great amount of money.
  • Having a winning portfolio takes time but once you do this, and follow other over-mentioned steps, it is guaranteed that soon you will become a highly paid writer.


When you choose freelance writing as your career option, you need not worry about scoring gigs right away.

Just gather as much information as possible about blogging and freelance writing, and soon you will be known as content writing experts. Content writing needs expertise, creativity, patience and persistence as Jennifer Mattern of All Indie Writers says- “Many, if not most [freelance writers], will fail within their first few years”.

Content writing is for sure a tough pill to swallow, but once you excel in this, it is also the easiest way to earn enough money in limited time. There are individuals who start content writing but soon they give up, and reasons are-

  • They burn out from having to write daily as writing daily needs great passion and interest in content writing
  • Writers keep selling themselves for a lesser amount of money and do not ask for more
  • In the starting, there can be months of unsteady pay
  • There are clients who do not pay on time

However, these are short-time issues that are easily resolved if you go through proper steps, and over mentioned steps will help you find the right channel of best freelance content writing jobs.

You need to craft your writing skills to add more value in your content as ultimately quality speaks volume in reaping bonanza benefits from the content.

To create a powerful career in content writing, you should also be aware of the content writer job description and best content writing tips.

Wish to make more money? Content marketing expert is another career option for content writers, and along with writing skills, you just need to have digital marketing skills for this. By joining this Digital Marketing Certification course, you can successfully learn those skills and get certified.

Do let us know if you have any queries regarding content writing & content marketing in the comment section below.

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