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Social media engine- Facebook has overpowered search engine giant Google to become the largest source of news.

Going by the latest results, Facebook now accounts for more traffic to news sites than Google. This is not the first time that Facebook has had an edge over Google in the traffic referral race. Interestingly, the links that are being shared on two of the top social media channels: Facebook and Twitter have become really crucial source of internet traffic and have been vying with search as a source of new readers for some time.

Facebook News

“The company’s latest estimates show that social-media sources accounted for 43 per cent of the traffic to the Parse.Ly network of media sites, while Google accounted for just 38 percent,” Fortune magazine quoted Parse.Ly’s chief technical officer Andrew Montalenti as saying.

“The social network took the top spot by a small amount last October, but this month’s lead is far more dramatic,” Parse.Ly’s CTO said quoting from the company’s data.

“There’s a lot of effort among media companies being placed on specific social channels like Twitter, but our data shows that Twitter is basically a distant traffic source,” Montalenti was quoted as saying.

“Facebook is more like a black box in terms of how it operates. And yet it’s this huge and growing traffic source,” he added.

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