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Omkar TiPoojallu is an HR Head at Head Hunters HR. He is an IT graduate having interest in the digital marketing domain.

Digital Academy India: What created your interest in learning Digital Marketing?

Omkar: Well I always believed that marketers especially “digital” are as much scientists as they are artists and I always had a knack for creativity, imagitivity and innovation, so digital marketing seemed the right option for me at that point in time in my life when I was taking a huge shift in my career. I am an IT graduate, worked in IT and has been a science student all my student life. But I couldn’t see the same growth in IT as I could see in Digital marketing. Hence I decided to pursue this field which has now become my passion. Also social media is the new frontier in technology and i as a ‘digital marketer’ wants to stay ahead of the curve.

Digital Academy India: Why did you opt for Digital Academy’s Digital Marketing training programme?

Omkar: Simply put, because they worked with one of the best in the industry. I opted for digital academy only for their collaboration with GOOGLE which they had put on their website. I was also impressed by their teaching department, in my case three amazing knowledgable instructors which all had some experience working in google or for google.The fact that they all worked for GOOGLE and they had tied up for GPC i.e Google Professional Certificate was why I choose Digital Academy India.

Digital Academy India:  Please share your experience in learning through an instructor-led, online format.

Omkar: They were really Professional and knowledgeable and they could solve our query immediately and that too with practical industry based examples and cases was good. Absolutely enjoyed learning digital marketing course from them. There were some difficulties in the programme throughout the course because of connectivity on ours and their part. But they covered up for it moreover by helping in understanding the subjects and lectures better.

Digital Academy India:  According to you, what was the highlighting feature of Digital Academy’s training programme?

Omkar: Well, the highlighting feature of Digital Academy’s training programme, according to me was that all three instructors had in-depth knowledge of the industry and they made me learn, understand the subjects through live industry cases. They gave live industry cases as example to make me understand for every query, problem or doubt that I had.

Digital Academy India: Please share top 3-5 takeaways from the course you participated at Digital Academy.

Omkar: As I was completely new to this subject, the manner in which my instructors helped me understand the nuances of each topic and made it easy to learn.

Also, how each and every topic was demonstrated with the help of examples of famous case studies and information that was related to the industry and very relevant to the topic at hand.

Helping in simplifying the technical jargons and modifying the learning content in order to make it more understandable, innovative and more easy to grasp, along with instructors excellent information comprehending skills to help us understand the knowledge.

Digital Academy India: Did you recognize any change in your professional career after applying the concepts learnt in the programme offered by Digital Academy’s Certification Programme in Digital Marketing (CPDM)?

Omkar: As I have mentioned earlier, I have completely changed my career stream. I am now embarking on a completely new professional career and now want to succeed and be able to grow exponentially in this new field.

As I am a fresher, I will require all the help and assistance in this completely new field from Digital Academy’s placements cell and their assistance in order to acquire a decent job for myself and am hopeful that all assistance and help would be provided to me in gaining my dream job.

Digital Academy: Please share your experience in performing the live project. How did Digital Academy’s program helped?

Omkar: Well, because I am a fresher I have not worked on a live project from industry. I am searching for a job where I will get to work on a live project, but I am confident that with Digital Academy’s Training I will be able to successfully carry-out any live project and be able to thoroughly satisfy my clients.



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