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Digital Marketing is emerging at a massive pace all over the world. Changes empowered by Digital Technologies that occur at a pace which disrupt the established ways of social networking, doing business and our thinking is Digital Disruption.

In today’s era, there are very few industries which are not dealing with the arrival of digital customers. Many business ideas are getting disrupted due to the increasing demands of the consumer and digital technologies. The world of digital engagement is experiencing a similar transformation, though instead of taking centuries to change how consumers act and what marketers do, this human civilization transformation equivalent of marketing is happening at a very rapid pace.

In this webinar, Umang Bedi Managing Director-South Asia at Adobe responsible for Business Operations which includes growth of sales and marketing functions, driving strategic partnerships and alliances shared his valuable thoughts on the beginning of Digital Disruption. He has a strong understanding and their needs in an evolving creative and digital economy. He threw light upon the past, present and future of Digital Disruption.

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