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Have your ad generating click responses? Finally feeling you’re gaining momentum slowly and want to spearhead your efficiency with an even more ‘information-rampant’ tactic? Conversion Tracking is just the thing for you, the concept which Conversion tracking is based upon is the concept of ‘Aftermath’. Aftermath here would denote the form/mode of interaction the user indulged in ‘post-link-click’. This is to monitor the form of interaction, whether it be a perusal, a purchase, a newsletter signing or a form filled to request feedback.

Conversion Tracking, in simple terms takes the form of a tool which relays the response of the users on your website.

Conversion would generically mean the action of the user/customer being converted into an action which adds value to your business.

Having an efficacious tracking tactic will ensure you’re not blind while assessing the response of the user.
Suppose you are selling Jackets, your keywords in on display are “buy leather jackets” and “buy green jackets” and you want to surmise which of the two generates more response.

To set up Conversion Tracking, First you get a single snippet of code from AdWords that contains HTML and JavaScript. Then, you paste that code snippet in the HTML for the “Checkout” Pages.
Then you deduce that the “Buy leather jackets” generates more of a response, with this data in your possession you can reduce the investment on the “buy green jackets” and increase your investment on the “Buy leather jackets” Thereby reducing expenditure on a less responsive set of keywords, leaving you with more to invest on the more successful set.

Here’s a “how-to” link to get you started.

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