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Understanding Remarketing

The term “Remarketing” means targeting the users who previously visited your site but did not contribute to conversion. This process aids in reconnecting with potential buyers, this process is much more specific and focused. It is channeled towards those who have already displayed an interest in you. WHY? Now why should you target the users … Read more

Add Conversion Tracking to your AdWords Campaign

Have your ad generating click responses? Finally feeling you’re gaining momentum slowly and want to spearhead your efficiency with an even more ‘information-rampant’ tactic? Conversion Tracking is just the thing for you, the concept which Conversion tracking is based upon is the concept of ‘Aftermath’. Aftermath here would denote the form/mode of interaction the user … Read more

How to link Google AdWords and Analytics?

You must now have a considerable amount of knowledge about AdWords and the concept of AdWords. To generate even more optimum efficiency we can link AdWords to Google Analytics. Before venturing deep down into Analytics, let’s build up a working knowledge about the new dimension which Google analytics provides. To begin with, Analytics refers to … Read more

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