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10 Reasons why Google Bans your AdSense Account

Before we delve into why Google bans your AdSense account, we’ll first take a gander at what AdSense actually is.AdSense is yet another advertising platform offered by Google for publishers wanting to display certain targeted text, video or image based ads on web pages. How is AdSense different from AdWords you ask? Google AdWords will … Read more

Android 5.0: Packs a punch with Project Volta

Like its predecessors; Project Butter in Jellybean and Project Svelte in Kitkat, Project Volta is yet another “project” running at the heart of Android Lollipop. Project Volta aims at picking up the issue which plagues all smart-phone users, which is; battery life. Every Android update seems to have its own project aimed at fortifying the … Read more

Google’s PROJECT ARA: The Innovation in progress

Project ARA, Google’s “Innovation in progress” has certainly aroused many a curious mind. The release being speculated around 2015, Project ARA is Google’s concept of a “modular” phone could be a stroke of ingenuity in the time to come. What we know so far is that Project ARA focuses on bringing you a modular phone, … Read more

Tips on how to write killer AdWords Ads

You’ve followed the campaign crafting procedures by the book and you’ve got your ad out there for the world to see, but somehow you are swatting flies? Managed to clean out that one spot on your PC deemed indelible for ages? The hits don’t quite match your expectations? Site not receiving as many hits as … Read more


There has been quite a lot of uncertainty, scratch that, there has been a lot of ambiguity associated with the term “Growth Hacking”. What does “Growth Hacking” really imply? Here is a brief overview about the term “Growth Hacking” So right off the bat, we’ll get straight to the question at hand. Sean Ellis coined … Read more

How to plan & create a successful Google AdWords Campaign (from scratch)?

If you’re just starting your AdWords journey, here is a descriptive guide on how to plan and create a successful campaign. First of all, Building a successful Google AdWords strategy is just like building anything – it starts with a solid foundation. You should know what you want, who you want to target, what is … Read more

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